I was fascinated to learn Korean cultures.

Hello! I¡¯m Aliyeva Bahar from Azerbaijan, a participant on the training program for Korean Language and Culture at the Academy of Korean Studies, Seoul. I first came here with KOICA in 2007 when I visited Korea by chance in my junior year at a university in Azerbaijan. Until then, Korean language was just one of my would-be second languages. My first encounter with Korea left such a strong impression in me that I soon became eager to learn about Korea¡¯s development experience as well as Korean culture and language. After graduating from the university in 2009, I again had a great chance to get a training to become an instructor of Korean language. In order to help students enjoy learning foreign languages, I believe that the instructor should first endeavor to know about the country and love its culture well. That is why I applied to a postgraduate course for Sociology at the Academy of Korean Studies in Seoul, Korea. The course gave me an opportunity to learn not only about Korea but the joy of learning as well as teaching. I am confident that the experience in Korea would lead me to my dream and success in the future. Thank you!

With my trainee alumni
At a party held in my dormitory
Spring field trip in 2011

The Academy of Korean Studies
At Mt. Jiri
Training for Korean language instructors in 2009