Screening result for 2022 projects



Region Country Project Name Category EIA/ESMP
Africa Angola Project for Teachers’ Capacity Building and Quality Education for Vulnerable Groups to Reduce the Educational Gaps of 3 Northwest Provinces in Angola(Phase 3) C  
Cameroon Project for enhancing awareness and building capacity on e-government in Cameroon C  
DRC Prevention of Stunting in Kasai Central Province of Democratic Republic of the Congo(WFP) C  
Egypt Project for Enhancing the Public e-Procurement System in Egypt  C  
Ethiopia Project for Community-led Solution for Inclusive Socio-Economic Resilience towards Sustainable Peace in Conflict-Affected Area in Ethiopia C  
Ethiopia Project for Enhancing Competitiveness of Leather and Leather Products Industry in Ethiopia C  
Ghana Establishment of Master Plan for Modernization of Tax Administration in Ghana C  
Ghana Project for Comprehensive Primary Health Care Strengthening in 2 Regions of Northern Ghana C  
Rwanda Smart Food Value Chain Management Project (SFVCM) C  
Rwanda Strengthening Digital Literacy through Supporting Digital Ambassador Program in Rwanda C  
Senegal Strengthening Public Laboratory Capacity in Senegal C  
Tanzania Integrated Programme for Out-of-School Adolescents in Tanzania C  
Tanzania Tanzania Health Basket Fund Program (Phase 3) C  
Tunisia Improvement on Industrial Property Public Administration System in Tunisia C  
Uganda Project for Establishment of Integration Manual and Main Facility Management System of Expressways in Uganda C  
Uganda Strengthening Capacity for youth Agribusiness Development in Uganda (SCADU) C  
Asia Bangladesh National Digital Municipality Services Project in Bangladesh C  
Bangladesh KOICA-UNICEF Empowering Out of School Adolescent Girls and Young Women with Market Driven Occupational & Transferable Skills and Job Placement in Bangladesh C  
Bangladesh Transport Master Plan and Preliminary Feasibility Study for Urban Metro Rail Transit Construction of Chattogram Metropolitan Area in Bangladesh C  
Bhutan Youth Development Project in Bhutan through Taekwondo, Health and Value Education C  
Cambodia Strengthening Capacity of National Pediatric Hospital in Cambodia C  
cambodia Health Equity and Quality Improvement Project (H-EQIP) - Phase 2 in Cambodia C  
Cambodia Building Peace Village through Integrated Rural Community Development in Cambodia C  
Fiji Project for establishment of National Rehabilitation center in Fiji C  
Indonesia Capacity Development Project for Nurturing Cybersecurity Professionals in Indonesia C  
Indonesia Capacity Building Project for Disaster Management in the National Health System of Indonesia C  
Lao PDR Support to the Establishment of a Sustainable UXO Sector in Lao PDR C  
Lao PDR Establishment of Digital SME Department and Capacity Building for Commerce College in Lao PDR C  
Mongolia Project to Improve the School Meal Environment and Build Capacity for Elementary, Middle and High Schools in Mongolia C  
Mongolia Establishment of Department of Urban Planning and Engineering at Mongolian University of Science and Technology, and Urban Development Professional Capacity Building Project
 - S-Quad Project: Sustainable, Safe, Smart City with SNU
Mongolia Capacity building for higher education with the association of industry-academic cooperation in Mongolian University of Life Sciences C  
Mongolia Strengthening Performance Management System of the Civil Service of Mongolia C  
Nepal  Project for Capacity Building and Improvement of medical infrastructure to enhance the health level of the poor in vulnerable areas in Bhaktapur, Nepal C  
Nepal Project for strengthening stage-wise support system for the stable reintegration of Korea returnee migrants in Nepal C  
Pakistan Project for Establishment of Technical Textile Center at National Textile University in Pakistan (phase 2) C  
Philippines Development of Smart Agriculture Master Plan and Establishment of Model Farms in the Philippines C  
Philippines Establishment of Smart Public Transport System in Makati City, aligned with National PUV Modernization Program C  
Philippines Accelerating the Reduction of Adolescent Pregnancy in the Philippines in the aftermath of COVID-19 C  
Philippines Smart Aquaculture Development and Conservation of Marine Ecosystem in Guimaras Province, Philippines C  
Solomon Islands Project for the Support to Maternal, Newborn Health Care in Solomon Islands C  
Sri Lanka Technical and Vocational Education(TVET) Career Platform Project in Sri Lanka C  
Sri Lanka Strengthening Socioeconomic Resilience of Communities Affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic in the Central and Uva Provinces of Sri Lanka C  
Timor-Leste Strengthening Preparedness and Response to Infectious Disease in Timor-Leste C  
Timor-Leste Youth Employment and Entrepreneurship Skills (YEES) Project in Timor-Leste C  
Vietnam Waste Reduction and Waste to Resources Project by Establishing a Sustainable Waste Management System in Thai Nguyen Province, Vietnam C  
Vietnam Project for the Establishment of the Community Rehabilitation Center for people with disability in Quang Tri Province, Vietnam C  
Vietnam Project on Capacity Building for Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) on National Plans and Establishing Electronic M&E Execution System in Vietnam  C  
Vietnam Project for the Establishment of Real Estate Price Database and Integrated Real Estate Price Information System for Vietnam  C  
Vietnam Korea-Vietnam Peace Village Project (KVPVP) C  
Vietnam Project for Strengthening Academic Development of the Vietnam-Korea University of Information and Communication Technology (VKU) with regard to ICT Education, Research, and Governance C  
Latin America Bolivia Strengthening the Laboratory System in the Department of La Paz, Bolivia C  
Colombia Strengthening Inclusive Governance Mechanisms for Conflict Prevention in 2 PDET Regions in Colombia C  
Colombia Resilient rural communities: a commitment to rural development from training, partnership and technological innovation(UNDP) C  
Changing Gender Norms for the Prevention of Violence and Child Marriage and Early Unions of the Dominican Republic C  
Ecuador Establishment of the National Data Bank of the Genetic Resources for Conservation and Sustainable Use of Biodiversity in Ecuador C  
Guatemala Climate Resilience Strengthening Project for Vulnerable Rural Areas in Quiche, Guatemala  C  
Paraguay Project to Enhance ICT Competency through Establishment of P-K ICT Innovation Center in UNA C  
Peru Program of Creation of Comprehensive Waste Management and Modernization of Waste Circulation in the Province of Cusco C  

Middle East

Central Asia

Iraq Project for Rehabilitation of the Damaged Distribution Transformers and related services C  
Iraq Project for Enhancing employability for vulnerable youth in Ninawa, IRAQ C  
Jordan Project for the Rehabilitation of Water Supply Networks in Mastaba District of Jerash Governorate C  
Kyrgyz Republic Project for enhancing animal products' food safety by establishing the animal identification and traceability system in the Kyrgyz Republic  C  
Palestine Vocational Training and Educational Fragility Improvement Project for youth in Yatta, Palestine C  
Uzbekistan Project for Establishing an Innovative Business IT Education Ecosystem at the Tashkent University of Information Technologies for Better Higher Education in Uzbekistan C  
Uzbekistan Education and Research Empowerment for Tashkent Pediatric Medical Institute, Republic of Uzbekistan C  
Uzbekistan Strengthening Capacity for Response to Infectious Diseases to Reduce Disease Burden in Uzbekistan C  

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