KOICA offers a facility for COVID-19 treatment



KOICA offers a facility for COVID-19 treatment


KOICA, a representative organization for development cooperation in Korea, announced on the 31st that it will offer a training center in Sujeong-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do as a treatment center for COVID-19 patients.

KOICA decided to provide KOICA International Cooperation Center(ICC) to be used as a treatment center for COVID-19 patients, to secure more hospital beds for critical patients by providing space for the patients with mild symptoms.

As KOICA ICC is dedicated to the care of COVID-19 patients with mild symptoms, who do not need emergency treatment, it predicts to play a key role in preventing lack of beds and medical collapse by helping hospitals focus on the treatment of severe patients.

The KOICA ICC in Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi Province, is originally a major training facility for fellowship training programs. Government officials, policymakers, and researchers from developing countries invited by KOICA, through the Fellowship program(CIAT)*, used stay at the ICC. The ICC is a four-story building and contains 260 guest rooms with lecture rooms, conference halls, etc.

* KOICA Fellowship Program(CIAT) is a human resources development training program where KOICA invites civil officials, engineers, researchers, and policymakers in developing countries and provides capacity building training focusing on sharing Korea's experience and technology for development.

The KOICA ICC will be open this week after undergoing preparatory courses for the operation of the treatment center. This place will be used to treat, monitor, and support people with no symptoms or minor symptoms in the metropolitan area.

KOICA President Lee Mi-Kyung said that "KOICA made a quick decision to offer the ICC again on the basis that this decision will resolve the shortage of beds caused by the re-proliferation of COVID-19," She also mentioned, "As a representative organization for development cooperation and public institution in Korea, KOICA will overcome COVID-19 with trust and solidarity, and will actively cooperate in government efforts to overcome COVID-19."

Previously, KOICA had been providing self-quarantine facilities by providing the KOICA ICC in Seongnam-si and the World Friends Yeongwol Education Center in Gangwon Province for Seongnam citizens who had difficulty in independent isolation at home and overseas volunteer workers who temporarily returned to Korea for the past seven months. In April, the KOICA training center was opened as a self-quarantine facility for overseas Koreans who lived in Iran and Spain.

In March, KOICA recruited and selected personnel from volunteer groups to provide medical treatment(doctors and nurses), interpretation, counseling, and administrative support for COVID-19 medical services in Daegu and North Gyeongsang Province. KOICA also delivered masks and hand sanitizers to 10 facilities in Daegu and donated 20 million won contributed by employees for the vulnerable.


About KOICA (Korea International Cooperation Agency)

The Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) was established as a government agency in 1991, is dedicated to providing grant aid programs of the Government of the Republic of Korea. KOICA endeavors to combat poverty and support the sustainable socio-economic growth of partner countries. For more information, visit http://koica.go.kr


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A photo of KOICA International Cooperation Center(ICC) in Seongnam-si, which will be used as a treatment center for COVID-19 patients