KOICA launches interactive town in metaverse for overseas volunteer program World Friends Korea



- Through metaverse, KOICA interactively communicates with the public on overseas volunteer and global leaders development programs

- KOICA holds recruitment briefing for Young Professionals (YP), disbandment ceremony of youth mid-term volunteer group

KOICA launched a town on ZEP, a metaverse platform operated by Korean internet company Naver, for youths interested in overseas volunteering or pursuing a career in international development cooperation, on May 27. The town is called WFK Town after World Friends Korea, KOICA’s overseas volunteer program.

Amid the global trend of digital acceleration, KOICA is supporting the digital transformation of developing countries through various initiatives including e-government projects and building information systems.

In addition, by carrying out remote online volunteer programs, KOICA has incorporated digital aspects into its activities to overcome physical limits posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

WFK Town has been created for interactive communication with people interested in overseas volunteering and development cooperation, and to promote Korea’s overseas volunteer program World Friends Korea (WFK).

WFK Town comprises a section for volunteer program recruitment, a section for global leaders development, and a section for communication, allowing users to easily gather the latest information and content regarding KOICA’s related projects.

*Global leaders development: KOICA dispatches various human resources including Young Professionals (YP), advisors, KOICA Multilateral Cooperation Officers (KMCO), and KOICA Global Doctors to contribute to projects in developing countries and foster Korean professionals on the global stage


In the metaverse, a disbandment ceremony was held on May 27 for the WFK youth mid-term volunteer group with the participation of some 200 people, including volunteers and beneficiaries. Each team shared the achievements of their respective projects, which include making eco-friendly training aids in Cambodia, strengthening capacity as global citizens in Tanzania, and an online seminar to raise awareness on UXO (unexploded ordnance) in Laos.

“We have established a communication channel to allow youths interested in international development cooperation to easily access KOICA’s projects through metaverse,” said KOICA’s Executive Director for Global Leaders Program Jeong Hoe-jin. “We will continue to provide various services to support youths as they embark on careers in international development cooperation.”

In the second half of this year, the metaverse town will also host an information fair for aspiring volunteers and Young Professionals, consulting for those pursuing careers in international development cooperation, and other dynamic content to allow visitors to experience KOICA’s global leaders program.


*Communicate with KOICA World Friends Korea on social media

-Facebook: www.facebook.com/WorldFriendsKorea

-Instagram: www.instagram.com/worldfriendskorea

-YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/WFKvideo

-Blog: blog.naver.com/wfk2012




 Poster for KOICA’s WFK Town in metaverse