KOICA resumes recruitment of global supporters for first time since pandemic



- 4th recruitment of global supporters WeKO to take place until July 4 

- 130 supporters of various nationalities to be selected 

- Any global citizen over the age of 16 and active on social media can apply 

KOICA is recruiting, from June 13 until July 4, 130 global supporters (KOICA Global Supporters WeKO, 4th recruitment) to promote the agency and its international development cooperation activities

*International development cooperation refers to cooperation among the international community including public and private sector activities to eradicate poverty in developing countries and support their economic and social development.

Launched in 2019 and recruiting for the fourth time this year, WeKO stands for “We are KOICA.” The program aims to allow people to experience various international development cooperation projects for themselves and to promote efforts to create a sustainable future together.

Anyone above the age of 16 can apply regardless of nationality, gender, occupation, and place of residence. Individual or team applications can be submitted at the KOICA supporters’ website www.koicaweko.com. WeKO is recruiting 81 supporters in the university and graduate students category, 18 supporters in the general category (including high school students; individuals and teams may apply), and 31 supporters in the global category (only individuals may apply).  

Supporters will carry out on- and off-line activities in line with the easing of COVID-19 restrictions. Online, supporters will utilize metaverse and focus on producing content that is tailored to the MZ generation and reflects current trends, including the production of short, under-one-minute video clips, and the creation of a worldview comprising of sub-characters.


As in-person activities resume with the easing of COVID-19 restrictions, both the launching ceremony and completion ceremony will be held offline. Various offline campaigns are expected to take place with the combined activities of supporters of other ODA-implementing government ministries and agencies, and with development cooperation partners.

Another feature of the 4th WeKO is that the number of supporters being recruited in the global category has expanded considerably from 18 to 31. Global supporters are expected to serve as correspondents in their respective countries of nationality or residence and strengthen the overseas promotion of KOICA’s project outcomes and Korea’s ODA. Those eligible for application to the global sector are Korean citizens abroad and foreigners living in Korea or abroad.

Activity fees will be given to supporters during their period of activity (every month for approximately five months), in addition to opportunities to participate in exchange programs and a certificate of completion at the end of the period of activity. Outstanding supporters or teams will be awarded monthly, while final outstanding supporters or teams will receive the KOICA President’s Award and a prize, and an extra point when applying for the KOICA Intern Reporter program (PR Internship).

Preference is given to those with a good understanding of the international development cooperation field, extracurricular experience (including overseas volunteering, college reporters, other supporter activities, etc.), adeptness in social media usage, and prior experience with KOICA and ODA projects. Supporter activities begin late July, following document screening and online interviews early July.

Last year’s WeKO (3rd recruit) supporters, who were selected following a high competition rate of 12:1, engaged in various online and social campaigns for approximately four months, including the “Zero Waste” challenge, ODA online photo exhibition, and “Happy SDG Year” challenge. Their launching ceremony took place on metaverse due to COVID-19 restrictions.

* Link to the 3rd WeKO supporters’ activities – https://youtu.be/EfD1ngfn_Qw 

Despite limitations due to COVID-19, the 3rd WeKO supporters uploaded a total of 5,150 items on social media and portal sites which were exposed to 9.8 million viewers, with 6.6 million responses (likes, comments, shares, etc.), thus contributing to raising public awareness and consensus on international development cooperation.  

“As we are recovering from COVID-19 and resuming daily life, we will strengthen the offline activities of the 4th WeKO supporters,” said KOICA’s Director General of the Department of Media and Public Relations Park Sang-jin. “We await passionate supporters who will work together with KOICA to achieve consensus for international development cooperation and the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).”

“Because I had an interest in overseas development cooperation projects, it was rewarding to plan public awareness campaigns related to development cooperation and help spread the campaigns online as a WeKO supporter,” said Kim Sang-been, who participated as a 2nd WeKO supporter. “I hope many people who are interested in planning ideas for a better world will apply to the 4th WeKO supporters’ recruitment.” 


Photo 1. 4th recruitment poster for WeKO KOICA Global Supporters

Photo 2. 1st WeKO KOICA Global Supporters