Experience development cooperation anytime, anywhere on metaverse – KOICA World opens



- KOICA opens metaverse world, allowing users to experience development cooperation sites virtually 

- Various activities, events prepared for younger generation users 
- Marks innovative attempt to connect and communicate with public on development cooperation and ODA (Official Development Assistance)

KOICA opened “KOICA World,” an interactive space on metaverse that allows users to virtually experience and learn about development cooperation projects around the world, the agency announced on Oct. 26.

KOICA World is a virtual space created on Naver’s metaverse platform ZEP which features information on KOICA’s projects and the SDGs in an entertaining and innovative way.

*SDGs, Sustainable Development Goals: The SDGs are 17 goals in the areas of economy, society, environment, etc. adopted by the UN Member States to achieve by 2030

As communication in the virtual world has become more active among Millennials and Generation Z following limits to in-person meetings and travel due to COVID-19, KOICA has responded by creating a metaverse space for communication with Korean and global citizens.

KOICA World reflects ideas presented by KOICA’s group of global supporters, WeKO, comprised of 31 foreign nationals from 24 countries and 99 Korean nationals. KOICA World includes five sections - the KOICA Square, KOICA Office, SDGs Island, ODA Hospital, and ODA School.  


KOICA Square is the first space that meets users upon entry into KOICA World, and allows users an overall view of the metaverse space. KOICA Office, which has recreated KOICA’s Seongnam headquarters, offers information and news on KOICA’s current projects. SDGs Island embodies the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. ODA Hospital and ODA School respectively offers details on KOICA’s health and medical projects and COVID-19 response, and the agency’s education and digital projects.

Users can move around the different spaces and participate in events such as a treasure hunt and picture games. Users can also invite friends to the metaverse space and chat with each other. KOICA World hopes to become a platform for interaction and sharing Korea’s development cooperation activities. KOICA World is available at the following URL – http://bit.ly/KOICA_World 

“We planned this metaverse space to allow Korean and global citizens to experience ODA, which can be a difficult and unfamiliar concept, in an engaging way,” said KOICA’s Director General of Media and Public Relations Park Sang-jin. “KOICA World is not a one-time event but will actively feature in WeKO’s offline promotional activities in November, allowing for on-offline integration. KOICA and WeKO will utilize the platform in various ways going forward.”   

“It was amazing to see our ideas, the product of many discussions among our teammates, realized on metaverse,” said Lee Hwan-ho (24), a member of WeKO 4th generation. “It is meaningful that through our ideas, we can promote Korea’s ODA and KOICA throughout the world.”

Meanwhile, KOICA World will also be utilized as a platform for communication among KOICA’s staff and executives. On Thursday Oct. 27, the agency will hold a townhall meeting with KOICA’s staff and President Sohn Hyuk-sang simultaneously on metaverse, through KOICA World. Staff from KOICA headquarters in Korea and overseas offices will be able to participate freely to discuss improvements to organizational culture.



Photo 1. KOICA Square allows a general view of KOICA World

Photo 2. KOICA Office represents KOICA’s headquarters on metaverse


Photo 3. SDGs Islands embodies the 17 SDGs


Photo 4. ODA Zone shows information on KOICA’s various projects on healthcare, education, and digital ODA