KOICA sends second dispatch of staff through Korea Disaster Relief Team (KDRT) to respond to earthquake damage in Türkiye



- KOICA dispatches five additional staff members to respond to earthquake damage in Türkiye, dispatching a total of 12 people in support of rescue efforts

- First dispatch team set to arrive in Seoul on Feb. 18

- Dispatched KOICA staff will support logistics manage budget operation and coordinate on-site activities as the KDRT secretariat 


The Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) dispatched five additional staff members as part of the Korea Disaster Relief Team (KDRT) to support response to the earthquake in Türkiye.

The dispatch comes after the government of the Republic of Korea confirmed on Feb. 15 through a public-private joint council for overseas emergency relief, chaired by Minister of Foreign Affairs Park Jin, a second dispatch of emergency relief personnel and supplies to support post-earthquake relief and recovery efforts in Türkiye.

The second dispatch of KDRT consists of 21 people, including two officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, ten medical workers (from the National Medical Center, the Korea Foundation for International Healthcare, and the Ministry of Defense), five officials from KOICA, and four people from civilian emergency relief organizations. The team left for Türkiye around 11:50 p.m. on Feb. 16 via military transport plane.

Upon arrival, the emergency relief team will consult with Türkiye officials on necessary relief activities for victims and future reconstruction activities, and assess the current situation.

KOICA, Korea’s representative development cooperation agency that carries out grant projects in developing countries, serves as the KDRT secretariat. The dispatched KOICA staff have been professionally trained in emergency relief missions as KDRT members. They will provide support for on-site activities and coordinate with the government of Türkiye and international relief teams.

The Korean government previously dispatched a preliminary team of three members, including one KOICA staff; and the first dispatch of 118 KDRT members, including six staff of KOICA, to Türkiye on Feb. 8. The first dispatch of KDRT has carried out relief activities in Antakya, Hatay Province since Feb. 9, rescuing a total of eight survivors. The first dispatch of KDRT will arrive in Seoul on Feb. 18 after terminating its mission.

KOICA annually conducts KDRT joint simulation training, aligning the strong inter-organizational cooperative system and strengthening readiness.

Vice President of KOICA Hong Seok-hwa said, “KOICA will actively cooperate with relevant government ministries and the private sector to support recovery from earthquake damage in Türkiye.”

*Korea Disaster Relief Team (KDRT)

KDRT is an emergency relief team speedily dispatched by the Korean government to support the reduction of damage, recovery, rescue, and medical relief in countries where disaster has occurred. KDRT is jointly operated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, KOICA, Ministry of Health and Welfare, Ministry of National Defense, National Fire Agency, National 119 Rescue Headquarters, National Medical Center, and Korea Foundation for International Healthcare. This is KDRT’s ninth foreign mission.

*KDRT was previously dispatched to respond to the dam collapse in Laos; earthquakes in Nepal, Haiti, Indonesia, and China; Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone, cyclone in Myanmar, and typhoon in the Philippines.

*Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA)

Established in 1991 to support the economic and social development of developing countries, KOICA is Korea’s development cooperation organization that carries out bilateral country projects (projects and development consulting), global programs (overseas volunteers, fellowship program, multilateral cooperation with international organizations, public-private partnership program, development innovation program), humanitarian assistance, and disaster relief, and manages the Global Disease Eradication Fund.

The second dispatch of KDRT to support earthquake recovery efforts in Türkiye take a photo prior to departure on Feb. 16. (KDRT)

Acting President of KOICA Lee Yun-young (third from right) takes a photo on Feb. 16 with KOICA staff members who have been dispatched to support earthquake recovery efforts in Türkiye.

(From left: Hong Ji-ye, Kim Myeon-jwa, Jo In-seo, Acting President of KOICA Lee Yun-young, Kim Ban-seok, and Baek So-dam)

KDRT carries out relief activities in Antakya, Hatay Province in Türkiye. (KDRT)