[Health] Capacity Building for Health and Medical Officers (Uganda)



o Title : Capacity Building Program for Health and Medical Officers (Uganda)
o Duration : August 16 · August 29, 2018 (14 days)
o Venue : Seongnam & Wonju, the Republic of Korea
o Training Institute : Yonsei Global Health Center
o Number of Participants : 10
o Program Module




Module 1 
Health Administration System

  • Policy trend of WHO Health in All Policy
  • Health Administration of Korea
  • Plan and evaluation of health programs in developing countries
  • Case of cooperation between public and private sector in Korean health field

○ Ministry of Health 
○ Government of Gangwon Province

Module 2 
Development of Health Administration Personnel

  • Training and managing health administration personnel
  • Scientific technique of health decisions making

○ Korea Human Resources Development Institute for Health and Welfare

Module 3 
Hospital Organization and Management, as well as Quality Management

  • Hospital management strategy
  • Quality Assurance (QA) of healthcare and patient satisfaction method
  • Wonju Severance Christian Hospital
  • Gangwon National University Hospital
  • Youngwol Medical Center

Module 4 
Health Information System

  • Construction method of Hospital Information Infrastructure
  • Health Information System management

Concept and trend of Data Health

Module 5 
Universal Health Coverage (UHC) and Primary Health Care

  • UHC and Primary Health Care (PHC) system
  • Operation and management of Health Insurance
  • National Health Insurance Service(headquarters)
  • National Health Insurance Service · Wonju/ Hoengseong branch
  • Health Insurance Review & Assessment Service
  • Wonju Health Center
  • Heungup Branch Office of Health Center

Module 6 Management of Communicable Diseases and Health Promotion Policies in Korea

  • Prevention strategies and actions for communicable diseases
  •  Plan, management and evaluation of Health Promotion Program
  • Prevention, management and control of NCD
  • Integrated system between health center and local/central governments for the implementation of health promotion projects in Korea
  • Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


Country Report and Action Plan

  • Presentation of a Country Report
  • Guidelines for an Action Plan
  • Action Plan first class: Discussion by topic
  • Action Plan second class: Key success, factors analysis, and establishment of viable Action Plan

Action Plan third class: Presentation of the Action Plan and discussions

Extra-Curricular Activities

  • Cultural experience (Seoul & Wonju City Tour, Korean Folk Village)

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