[2021 KOICA INNO-Lab Call for Alumni of the KOICA CIAT Program (INNO-Partners)]



[2021 KOICA INNO-Lab Call for Alumni of the KOICA CIAT Program (INNO-Partners)]

□ INNO-Lab is one of INNOPORT programs to empower pre-entrepreneurs and early-stage startups to expand their entrepreneurial capacity and business in developing countries. Through INNO-Lab, participating teams will have opportunities to advance their business models and scale up their businesses in the field of international development cooperation. Additionally, this program provides mentoring, business consulting, and partnerships with local experts in developing countries.

□ To successfully operate INNO-Lab program, collaboration with local partners who have local expertise is essential. We are currently looking for local partners (called “INNO-Partners”) in developing partner countries with experience and knowledge such as marketing, networking, resource matching, local policy, technical skills, etc., to support the teams in INNO-Lab program. This announcement is for alumni of the KOICA Master's Training Program (CIAT) who have a high understanding of Korea, and other applicants are not accepted. 

□ We also expect that INNO-Partners will continuously partner with Korean startups after the INNO-Lab program for mutual growth. We are looking forward to collaborating with you soon. Details for participating in the program are as follows.

  - Application: Please submit your application by October 15 through this link below: http://asq.kr/ZAOhvs

  - Period: 2021.10.13 ~ 2021.12.31

  - Duties:

     Support the INNO-Lab as a local expert

       Provide local and technical advice about respective countries to develop each team's biz model

       Share the knowledge or experience about potential customers to team

       Provide 1:1 mentoring session 1-3 times (1 hour per session)

    - Team Information: 20 startup teams (Information can be found on the website)

    - Qualifications: Alumni of the KOICA Master's Training Program(CIAT)

  - Reward: USD 100 per hour

*For more information you can go to our homepage: http://koica.go.kr/vnm_en/3600/subview.do

  or contact us through: info@innoport.co.kr