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Of the 190 countries around the world, 150 or 79% are classified as developing countries. Perhaps the most difficult challenges faced by these countries are the damages caused by war and natural disasters. In recent years, Asia has been hardest hit by natural catastrophes, and the international community has rendered great assistance for victims in this area. If appropriate emergency relief and reconstruction efforts are not directed to ease their plight, the road toward sustainable development will become much more challenging and distant for developing countries. Emergency relief strives to resolve these challenges and provide the basis for future reconstruction assistance.

Disaster relief can be divided into humanitarian aid and long-term reconstruction assistance. Humanitarian aid provides immediate relief to refugees and the victims of natural disasters and war by dispatching medical personnel and supplying emergency relief goods. Long-term reconstruction assistance aims to stabilize food supplies, repair and reconstruct health and education facilities, rebuild economic and social infrastructure, and facilitate industrial rehabilitation over an extended period of time.

Prior to the tsunami disaster in South Asia in December 2004, KOICA’s disaster relief and reconstruction projects had been carried out in a sporadic and uncoordinated manner. However, KOICA’s relief activities changed drastically after this disaster. KOICA expanded the division dealing with emergency relief, and strengthened cooperation to rehabilitate and rebuild disaster-hit areas. Emergency relief assistance should be carried out swiftly and under close cooperation with international organizations and the affected countries.

Emergency relief and reconstruction has become one of KOICA's core assistance programs, and its functions include emergency relief, refugee relief, reconstruction assistance, and emergency disaster relief. The overseas emergency relief system, specific emergency relief cases, disaster relief and post-war reconstruction efforts are as follows:
Major Emergency Relief and Reconstruction Assistance
  Size of Damage Scope of Assistance
Deaths and Casualties Displaced Damage Emergency Relief Emergency Assistance Reconstruction
Earthquake in Iran(December 2003) 41,000 deaths     -24 emergency Rescuers
-16 reconstruction workers
-$400,000 in cash -$50,000 for sending rescue team -$0.75million for house construction
South Asia Tsunami(December 2004) 230,000 deaths 5million $10.73billion -31 emergency rescuers
-32 medical staff
-34 member facilities recovery team
-96 volunteers
-$2million in cash
-$500,000 for sending rescue team
-$2million in kind
-$500,000 for NGO support
-$34.35million in bilateral assistance
-$6million in multilateral assistance
-$4.65million for NGO and other support
Earthquake in Pakistan(October 2005) 73,000 deaths 67,000 wounded 280,000 $4-5billion -4 pilot members
-12 rescuers
-10 medical staff
-39 emergency workers including 2 fire fighters
-$500,000 in cash
-$200,000 for sending rescue team
-$500,000 in kind
-$450,000 for multilateral assistance
-$300,000 for NGO support
Landslide in the Philippines(February 2006) deaths1,700 mission 6,697 evacuated     -$500,000 in cash
-$100,000 in kind
Earthquake in Indonesia(May 2006) 6,217 deaths
18,372 wounded
151,068 houses destroyed $3billion 19 emergency relief workers -$500,000 in cash
-$100,000 for sending rescue team
-$400,000 in kind
Cyclone Nargis in Myanma(May 2008) 430,000 deaths
270,000 wounded
$4 billion 30 emergency relief workers -$500,000 in cash
-$307,000 for sending rescue team
-$1,693,000 in kind
Earthquake in China(May 2008) 150,000 deaths
houses destroyed
$1 billion 44 emergency relief workers -$500,000 in cash
-$260,000 for sending rescue team
-$1,180,000 in kind
Major Performance in 2008
(1) Budget
Activities in Emergency Relief and Reconstruction (Unit: US$ in Thousands)
Country Amount Details
disater relief
Guatemala 50 Flood disaster relief in Guatemala
Georgia 100 dissension damage assistance in Georgia through WFP
Nepal 30 Flood disaster relief in Nepal
Laos 30 Flood disaster relief in Laos
Madagascar 100.6 Typhoon relief in Madagascar
Mongol 20 Heavy snowfall relief in Mongol
Myanmar 2500 Cyclone(Nargis) relief in Myanmar
Vietnam 50 Typhoon relief in Vietnam
Bolivia 50 Flood disaster relief in Bolivia
Somalia 100 A civil war damage assistance in Somalia
Haiti 50 Hurricane relief in Haiti
Ecuador 50 Volcano disaster and Heavy snowfall relief in Ecuador
50 Heavy rain damage relief in Ecuador
Ethiopia 200 Drought damage assistance in Ethiopia
Yemen 80 Flood disaster relief in Yemen
Honduras 22 Flood disaster relief in Honduras
Ukraine 50 Flood disaster relief in Ukraine
Zambia 80 Flood disaster relief in Zambia
China 100 Heavy snowfall relief in China
5000 Earthquake relief in China
Kenya 300 Unrest damage assistance in Kenya through WFP, OCHA, UNICEF
Cote D'Ivoire
(Lvory Coast)
200 A civil war damage Reconstruction in Cote D'Ivoire through UNDP
Congo 150 A civil war damage assistance in Congo
Kyrgyzstan 20 Earthquake relief in Kyrgyzstan
57 Earthquake relief in Kyrgyzstan
Tadzhikistan 100 Cold-weather damage assistance in Tadzhikistan
Panama 50 Flood disaster relief in Panama
Paraguay 100 Yellow fever relief in Paraguay
50 Drought damage assistance in Paraguay
Pakistan 100 Earthquake relief in Pakistan
Fiji 50 Cyclone relief in Fiji
Philippines 300 Typhoon relief in Philippines
Cuba 100 Hurricane relief in Cuba
Total 10289.6
Reconstruction activities Afghanistan
2797 Project for Medical Assistance in Parwan Province
Total 2797
Sectors of Disaster Relief and Reconstruction (Unit: US$ in Thousands)
Total Education Health Governance Rural Develop
ICT Industry & Energy Environment & Others Disaster
Relief & Reconstru
Amount 69,846 5,081 6,643 24,687 106 5,379 10,165 683 17,102
100 7.2 9.5 35.3 0.2 7.7 14.6 1 24.5
Types of Assistance for Disaster Relief & Reconstruction (Unit: US$ in Thousands)
Type of Assistance Amount Percentage(%) Remarks
Training 4,749 6.8 53 training for two countries
Dispatch of experts 78 0.1 Two experts of IT and Economy to Afghanistan
Development studies 81 0.1 Design of a Roundabout Road in Arbil
Aid in Kind 26,903 38 Support to three countries
Infrastructure support 31,815 46 26 projects in 8 countries 
Partnerships with NGOs 1,313 2 13 projects in 3 countries
Emergency relief 4,907 7 16 projects for 15 countries and one international organization
Total 69,846 100