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Governance encompasses the systems, structures and processes that are related to the distribution and management of political, economic, and social resources. Governance has an enormous impact on society as a whole, and the international community has come to understand the significance of good governance for sustainable development. Consequently, aid volume directed to improve governance and promote transparency, responsibility, justice, democracy, and public participation of partner governments is on the rise.
KOICA supports the governance sector of partner countries using Korea's accumulated development experience. Through cooperation projects to improve each government policies, improve public sector management systems, and reform their legal systems, KOICA assisted partner countries' efforts to build the conditions for secure, equitable development. In order to build administrative capacities in partner countries, KOICA funded projects to help them adopt the market economy and implement industrial development policies. For the strengthening of local civil society, KOICA promotes small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as trade and investment. KOICA has also launched various projects that encourage governments to become more transparent and accountable, while reforming their legal systems to support equitable and balanced development.
In 2012, a total of US$ 80.4 million or 15% of KOICA’s total aid disbursement was spent on the governance sector.
Asia received the most assistance accounting for 46.3%, followed by Africa (27.3%) and Central and South America (11.7%). The top five partner countries in the area of governance were Afghanistan, Mongolia, Indonesia, Cambodia and Vietnam in the order of amounts extended. The assistance volume for these countries took up 5.2% of KOICA’s total aid volume and 34.5% of total assistance in the governance sector.
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Major Projects in 2014
The Project for Judge training advancement in Vietnam
(US$ 3.0 million / from 2008 to 2014)
The Project for Establishment of detailed implementation strategies for economic development plans in Ethiopia
(US$ 1.5 million / from 2011 to 2014)
The Project for Production competitiveness strengthening of middle and small enterprises in Columbia
(US$ 3.0 million / from 2011 to 2014)
The Project for Assistance for informatization of intellectual property in Azerbaijan
(US$ 4.2 million / from 2011 to 2013)
The Project for Mapping Lamu Port and neighbouring areas in Kenya
(US$ 2.8 million / from 2011 to 2013)
The Project for Construction of an innovative geographic information technology training center for urban plannin in Uzbekistan
(US$ 1.5 million / from 2011 to 2013)
The Project for Establishment of a cadastral map and land registration systems in Jamaica
(US$ 2.0 million / from 2011 to 2014)