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Title KOICA Supports Social Entrepreneurs with Disabilities in Vietnam
Date 06/04/2018





KOICA Transfers Korea's Science and Technology Model to Vietnam,

Presenting the best practices for future growth, and strengthening win-win cooperation between the two countries


Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA), the lead Korean government agency held the groundbreaking ceremony of the “VKIST* Support Project" at Hoa Lac Hi-tech Park on March 22,whenpresidentofRepublicofKorea,Jae-inMoonvisitedVietnam.

※ VKIST: Vietnam-Korea Institute of Science and Technology

The Vietnamese government has adopted a strategy to promote science and technology by 2020, aiming to become an advanced industrial country. In 2012, the Vietnamese government formally requested the Korean government to establish a science and technology research institute, such as KIST, which played a major role in Korea's economic growth through science and technology promotion.

Mr. Moon at the ceremony, said, "The groundbreaking ceremony of VKIST is a scene where the dreams and will of both governments and citizens meet to create a better reality. We will contribute to the realization of Vietnam's dreams based on our experience in Korea and contribute to the creation of a people-centered peace community that is blueprint of Korea and ASEAN”

KOICA President Mi-kyung Lee said, “Starting with this groundbreaking ceremony, the VKIST research center with 4 advanced research facilities and the best researchers will be completed by 2020. I hope KOICA will contribute to Vietnam's science and technology development and friendly cooperation between the two countries through this project.”

"VKIST is the largest grant-free business in history, and it is a symbol of how firmly our faith in cooperation is. We will develop VKIST as a leading model of science and technology, and strive to continuously develop strategic partnership with Korea.” said Vice minister of Vietnam, Thi Ngoc Thinh

KOICA will cooperate with Vietnam's Ministry of Science and Technology to set up the VKIST researchers' construction and research equipment, consulting on the operation of researchers, joint pilot studies, strengthening the capacity of researchers, and supporting the operation of researchers with a budget of US $ 35 million by 2020.

KOICA signed a business agreement with KIST in December 2014, and in April 2017, the Ministry of Science and Technology of Vietnam appointed former KIST Director, Dong-hwa Geum as Vice-President of VKIST. In November of that year, KIST organized the VKIST operation plan and the launch report, and laid the groundwork for full-scale business promotion.

This project symbolizes the future of bilateral relations such as mutual growth, future growth and economic cooperation between Korea and Vietnam. Especially, it is expected that Korea - Vietnam science and technology will be used as a base for exchange and cooperation, thereby contributing to economic cooperation between the two countries in information communication and biotechnology.

Today's event was attended by Jae-in Moon president of Republic of Korea, Mi-kyung Lee President of KOICA, Dang Thi Ngoc Thinh President of Vietnam, Chu Ngoc Anh Minister of Science and Technology, Kyung-hwa Kang Foreign Minister, Young-min Yoo Minister of Science and Technology, and Lee Byeong-Kwon KIST Director.

On March 23, KOICA plans to hold additional events to show SME technology exhibitions and corporate exchanges in order to grasp the technology research needs of the Vietnamese industry at the stage of establishing VKIST and reflect them in future research.

Vietnam is Korea's No. 1 partner country for KOICA, which has maintained a close cooperative relationship for 23 years since KOICA opened its Vietnam office in 1994. KOICA has been supporting Vietnam's aid projects in Vietnam for more than $ 300 million over the last 23 years and plans to continue to promote the development of Vietnam as a modern industrial country and to promote exchange and cooperation between the two countries.


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