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Feasibility Studies
What kinds of feasibility studies are there?
There are currently four different feasibility studies that may be conducted. They are as follows:
Basic Study
The basic study is a survey and examination of basic data available to work out various economic development and regional development plans. These surveys involve population surveys, traffic surveys, research of statistics, and the preparation of topographical and geological maps.

Master Plan
A master plan involves a survey and examination of the feasibility and direction of development in a certain area of the industrial sector.

Feasibility Study
A feasibility study estimates whether the implementation of a certain project is feasible from economic and technical viewpoints, proposed methods, and the plans and objectives for the effective implementation of the project. In case a large scale project requires a lengthy period of time for implementation, a pre-F/S may be implemented before the F/S.

Basic & Detailed Designs
Basic and detailed designs include detailed drawings, specifications, and tender documents needed for the construction of a project where it is judged economically suitable after the completion of a feasibility study.