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Feasibility Studies
What are the procedures involved in conducting a feasibility study?
A feasibility study is conducted in the following manner:
A. Demand Survey
- A formal request is made by the recipient country
- A Demand survey is conducted through the Korean Embassy in the recipient country
B. Project Identification Survey
- A Survey and Terms of Reference (TOR) regarding the identified project
C. Consultation & Conclusion of the TOR
- Consultation & Conclusion of Terms of Reference (TOR) regarding the identified project are made
D. Exchange of Note Verbale
- Exchange of Note Verbale between the Korean and recipient governments are made
E. Selection & Contracting of Consulting Company
- Selection & Contracting of a consulting agency to conduct the development study in line with the TOR
F. Implementation of a Field Survey and Analysis
- Implementation of a field survey by the consulting company and analysis of the findings.
G. Presentation of Final Report
- Presentation of Final Report to the recipient country.