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Training Program
Expertise Sharing
Volunteer Service
Feasibility Studies
Aid in Kind
Project Aid
NGO Support
Assistance to Iraq and Afghanistan
Training Program List View
What are the procedures when selecting training participants?
Where do I find information regarding this years training courses?
Who is qualified to take part in KOICA's training courses?
What is KOICA's training program?
Expertise Sharing List View
As an expert, what type of work and responsibility is required of me?
What fields can medical doctors apply for?
Can Taekwondo instructors and medical doctors choose their country of service?
How long do experts serve for?
Volunteer Service List View
What kind of training do KOVs receive?
How much are volunteers paid for their service?
Do KOV applicants need to take an English exam?
I’m still in college. Can I apply to become a KOV?
What are the age limits to become a KOV?
Feasibility Studies List View
What is a Feasibility Study?
What are the procedures involved in conducting a feasibility study?
What kinds of feasibility studies are there?
In what areas does KOICA conduct feasibility studies?
Aid in Kind List View
What kind of equipment is provided by KOICA?
Project Aid List View
What is project aid?
How does project aid proceed?
How does KOICA determine which country will be a recipient of project aid?
Which areas are covered by project aid?
NGO Support List View
What is an NGO?
Which NGOs does KOICA support?
Assistance to Iraq and Afghanistan