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Renewed partnership between KOICA and GIZ in SDGs era



With the arrival of SDGs era, the fostering of partnership amongst the development actors is given a greater spotlight as a tool for effective and efficient driver of well-rounded inclusive development. The two-day KOICA-GIZ workshop hosted at the Eschborn, Germany from March 21 to 22 is a starring step forward cohesive collaboration in international arena.  


In depth discussions and exchanges were held on the topic of TVET, climate change, evaluation and digitalization, with the theme of climate change and digitalization newly introduced to the dynamic as tangible, innovative and practical approach to development is gaining greater momentum in both organizations.  


Truly, the partnership between these two organizations has grown many folds since the seed of close collaboration was sown at the signing of the KOICA-GIZ MOU in 2011. The past four years has seen the growing of collaboration efforts in the fields of vocational training, health and evaluation across the globe, countries including Ghana, Mongolia, Philippines, Laos and Rwanda.  


As the shining example of this progress, a TVET project illustrating a full round of collaboration among KOICA, GIZ and Samsung won the third place for the GIZ Gender Prize 2016. The project is dedicated to the economic empowerment of women in Ghana by proving training in electronics manufacturing and has shined through the application of 87 GIZ teams and 52 country offices which applied for the award.  


Looking forward to further the partnership with GIZ, a close exchange at the project appraisal level to explore the possibility of future cooperation will be followed up as the outcome of KOICA-GIZ workshop. Furthermore, the renewal of MOU between the two aid agencies is still in its development stage in order to include the fruits of the workshop.