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World Water Day, 22 March 2017


Jaekyung Lee(Intern Journalist)


Launching the ‘World Water Day' and International Efforts

In 1992, the UN officially launched March 22 as the World Water Day to prevent water shortages around the world and to enhance the importance of water that could be exhausted in the near future. Celebrated annually since 1993, the day was designated for the ‘better quality and supply of water resources’ on the Agenda 21 from the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro. The members of the UN and NGOs are exerting efforts to attract interests about the water problem from the public and to promote cooperation from the international community. For instance, the World Water Council, established as an international water policy organization, hosts the World Water Forum during the week of World Water Day in every three years. From 2003 to 2012, the UN published the World Water Development Reports, and since 2014, it has published the reports and data on water resources all over the world.


The World Water Development Report(WWDR)



KOICA Supports the Southeast Asia·Africa·Latin America to Solve Water Problem

Under the objective of raising agricultural production by procuring water resource infrastructures in rural areas, such as reservoirs, irrigation canals and dams, KOICA has carried out rural development projects in farming villages. ‘Integrated Rural development project’ in Kampong Cham Province, Cambodia was initiated by the request from the Cambodian Government and run during 2010-2012 on $2.5 million scale. The goal was to enhance agricultural productivity, improve village environment, and raise income and living environment through promoting local resident organizations and improving the quality of life for rural residents. As a result of th, many residents could lead better lives with higher wages.



▲Field of Ingrated Rural Development Project in Kampong Cham Province
(Photo: The Phnom Penh Post)


As a result of growing inequality of water access, many lives are lost. In particular, about 5,000 children die from waterborne diseases every day. KOICA has implemented various drinking water projects in order to guarantee access to clean drinking water and to prevent waterborne diseases. KOICA ran a ‘Project for the Improvement of Water Supply System’ in Senegal during 2010-2014 on $5.5 million scale. They established a drinking water supply system with drinking water towers, supplied the equipment necessary for developing groundwater, deployed experts and held invitational training to strengthen management capacity to provide a stable supply of safe drinking water to residents in northern Senegal. Consequently, Senegalese women and children do not need to walk for hours to draw water and the incidence of waterborne diseases among local residents dropped.



▲Holding ceremony for completion of water supply system project in Senegal
(Photo: Dongbu Engineering)


KOICA not only constructs infrastructure but also builds capacities for water resources management through human resources development. So far, a number of policy makers and technical staffs from partner countries have been invited to learn about the development experience of Korea.



▲Fellowship Program Participants Taking a Training Session for Development of Master Plan
on Water Resources Management in Mozambique