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Korea-Singapore Training Program on Intellectual Property System
KOICA is conducting a training program on "Korea-Singapore Training Program on Intellectual Property System" for 14 officials from 9 different countries as a part of the Korean government's grant aid and technical cooperation program for 2005 as follows:

⊙ Name : Korea-Singapore Training Program on Intellectual Property System
⊙ Duration : April 30 - May 13, 2005 (14 days)
⊙ Venue : Seoul, Daejeon, Korea
⊙ Training Institute : International Intellectual Property Training Institute (IIPTI)
⊙ Number of Participants : 14 participants from 9 countries

- Asia : Cambodia(1), Indonesia(1), China(1), Laos(1)
Philippines(2), Myanmar(2), Nepal(2), Thailand(2), Vietnam(2)

This training course is designed to enable participants to share experience on IPR issues as well as Korean IPR system so that participants will eventually understand Korean IP system and prevent IP invasion from the developed countries as well.

This course is mainly composed of three parts including lectures, field trips and other
social programs. In the lecture times, they will get the opportunity to learn the IP system in Korea and IP Policy Direction and Ubiquitous IP management, KIPOnet - IP Automation System in Korea. Also, they will understand copyright law in Korea.

Participants are scheduled to attend the lectures on 8 different issue at IIPTI. They will also visit the Korean Intellectual Property Office(KIPO) as well as National Science Museum. On the field trip days, they will go to ndustrial companies such as Hyundai Motors. Company, Hyundai Heavy Industry Co. and Pohang Steel Company. They will visit famous places such as Gyeongbok Palace, Seoul Tower. Insadong Street and Namdaemoon Market shopping will be arranged for them to promote their understanding about Korea.

Through this course, participants are expected to share their knowledge and experiences together, and strengthen mutually informative and companionate ties between Korea and participants' countries.