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[Environment and Other]Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (China)

KOICA conducts a Fellowship Program "Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (China)" for 15 participants from China as part of the Korean government's grant aid and technical cooperation program for 2012 as follows:


o Course Title : Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (China)

o Duration : July 12 - July 28, 2012 (17 days)

o Venue : Seongnam City, Cheongwon County, Daejeon City Korea

o Number of Participants : 15 persons from China

o Training Institution : Korea Health Industry Development Institute (KHIDI)


o Training Participants

- Government officials and/or engineers dealing with the HACCP system or other related-fields

   as part of their job


o Course Objectives

1) To introduce the Korean HACCP system and food safety policies to officials working for

    Chinese governments

 * China is one of the largest food trade partners of Korea.

2) To give them information about standards on the Korean HACCP system and as to how the

    system is managed

3) To help improve the overall food hygiene in China and promote the international trade in food

    industries in the two countries

4) To increase the awareness of the Korean control system in food safety, contributing to boosting

     the nation’s image in the global community

5) To build up a cooperative network between Korea and China in the field of food hygiene


o The program consists of 3 parts ;



1. Introduction to the functions of KFDA & its system to check up on food imports

2. Legal framework and regulations on food safety in Korea

3. HACCP system & management in Korea

4. Food & Affix-related standards in Korea

5. Policies on preventing food from hazardous factors

6. The HACCP system of livestock & its products in Korea

7. Preceding Conditions for HACCP



□ Country Report I

Presentations: introducing the overall food policies/system and other issues relating to food safety

     and hygiene in China

Discussion: identifying issues and/or problems concerned


□ Country Report II: coming up with Action Plans

Presentations: introducing specific food-related matters that might need to improve based on the

     identified problems and on what have been learnt throughout the training

Discussion on the issues covered by the presentations

Devising specific action plans to improve the issues and setting up future directions for food policies

     and systems in China



- National Institute of Food & Drug Safety Evaluation, HACCP Support Center, KHIDI etc

- POSCO, Busan Nurimaru APEC House, Gyeongju historical sites etc.

- Korean Folk Village, N-Seoul Tower, Gyeongbok Palace, etc.