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[ICT]Master's Degree Program on Global e-Policy and e-Government

KOICA conducts a Fellowship Program "Master's Degree Program on Global e-Policy and e-Government" for 20 participants from 18 countries as part of the Korean government's grant aid and technical cooperation program for 2012 as follows:


o Course Title : Master's Degree Program on Global e-Policy and e-Government

o Duration : July 25, 2012 - July  24, 2013 (365 days)

o Venue :

o Number of Participants : 20 Participants from 18 countries

 - Afghanistan 1, Bangladesh 1, Ecuador 1, Egypt 1, Indonesia 3, Kyrgyzstan 1, Kenya 1,

   Mongolia 1, Myanmar 1, Nepal 1, Pakistan 1, Palestine 1, Philippines 1, Rwanda 1,

   Solomon Islands 1, Sri Lanka 1, Tanzania 1,Zimbabwe 1.

o Training Institution : Graduate School of Governance, SungKyunKwan University.


o Course Objectives

 - To conduct academic research to enhance the understanding of e-Policy & e-Government

    as well as the awareness and knowledge of international and global issues

 - To educate the future leaders in government, business and civic organizations  

   who can effectively meet the challenges of the globalizing world

 - To provide professional services to public and private sector organizations to  

    facilitate democratic processes and market mechanism

 - To share the Korean experience and knowledge with other developing countries,

   which will enhance their ability to further their expertise in the areas of economic

   development and quality of life

o The program consists of 3 parts ;



1. Preparatory(Summer Session)

- Required Courses - Knowledge Based Society: e-Policy & e-Government, Korean        

  Language, Research Design.

- Non-Curricular Programs - Special Lectures, Field Trip, Day Trips

2. 1st semester (Fall Session)

- Required Course (3 credits): e-Government: Theory & Strategy

- Elective Courses (9 credits): Select 3 courses from; Research Method, Financial     

  Management,  e-Government Colloquium, Management Science & Statistical Method

3. 2nd semester (Winter Session)

- Required Courses (6 credits):

  e-Policy & e-Government: Implementation Practice Internship Program

- Elective Courses (3 credits): Self-leadership & Korean Culture Experience

4. 3rd semester (Spring Session)

- Required Course (3 credits): e-Policy : Theory & Strategy

- Elective Courses (9 credits): Select 3 courses from: Regulatory Policy and Administration,

  Regionalism and Regional Governance in East Asia, Balanced National Development,

  e-Policy Colloquium, Leadership Development.



- SKT T-um, Seoul Transport Operation & Information Service, National Information

  Society Agency, Ministry of Public Administration and Security, Korea Information &

  Communication Co, Information Network Village, Samsund d'light, UN-APCICT,

  National Assembly Library, Digital Pavilion, etc.

- Hyundai Heavy Industries, Hyundai Motors Co., POSCO, Jeonju Hanok Village, etc.  

- Gyeongbok Palace, The National Folk Museun of Korea, N-Seoul Tower, NANTA

   Performance, etc.