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[Governance]KOICA-HKNU Master's Program in Agriculture and Rural Development

KOICA conducts a training program "KOICA-HKNU Master's Program in Agriculture and Rural Development“ as part of the Korean government's grant aid and technical cooperation program for 2012 as follows:


o Course Title : KOICA-HKNU Master's Program in Agriculture and Rural Development

o Duration : July 27, 2012 ~ August 29, 2013 (14 Months)

o Venue : Ansung, Korea

o Number of Participants : 20 Participants from 16 Countries

o Training Institution : Hankyung National University

o Training Participants :

  - Be government or municipality officials and researchers working in this field


o Course Objectives

-  To enhance understanding of the Korean economy and contribute to the development of

    human resources of the developing countries.

-  To enhance awareness and knowledge of international agricultural development policies on

    the basis of global issues.

-  To enhance problem-solving ability and leadership skills in the field of International

    Agricultural Development.

-  To secure a pool of future international experts with professionalism and competence

    needed for international development cooperation.

-  To share the Korean experience and knowledge with other developing countries,

    this will enhance their ability to further their expertise in the areas of economic development

    and quality of life.

o The program consists of 2 parts ;


o Curriculum and Credits

   - Development Planning and Policy

   - Agricultural Management and Development

   - Agricultural Infrastructure and Environment

   - Agricultural and Livestock Technology

   - Thesis Study    


o Study Visit and Cultural Excursion

   - Seoul, Gyungju Busan City tour

   - ASIA Agricultural Machinery, Osong Bio-Industrial Complex etc.