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[Governance]Master's Degree Program in Public Administration & International Development Cooperation Ⅱ)

KOICA conducts a training program "Master’s Degree Program in Global Public Administration & International Development Cooperation Ⅱ" for 16 participants from 14 countries as part of the Korean government's grant aid and technical cooperation program for 2012 as follows:

o Course Title : Master’s Degree Program in Global Public Administration &

                       International Development Cooperation Ⅱ

o Duration : July 30, 2012 - September 30, 2012 (428 days)

o Venue : Seongnam and Seoul city, Korea

o Number of Participants : 20 Participants from 20 countries

- Ecudor(1), Egypt(1), Indonesia(1), Mongolia(2), Myanmar(1), Nicaragua(2), Nigeria(1),

  Palestine(1), Philippines(1), Solomon Islands(1), Tanzania(1), Uzbekistan(1),

  Vietnam(1), Yemen(1)

o Training Institution : Graduate School of International Studies (GSIS),

                                Seoul National University (http://gsis.snu.ac.kr)

o Course Objectives

- To secure a pool of future international experts with professionalism and  competence

   need for international development cooperation.

- To contribute to the development of human resources who will positively and     

   effectively contribute to the socio-economic advancement of developing countries.

- To share the Korean experience and knowledge with other developing countries which will

   enhance their ability to further their expertise in the areas of economic development and

   quality of life.

o The program consists of ;

A. Curriculum



1. Prerequisite Courses

Principle of Economics

Understanding of Korean Society and Culture

2. Required Courses

International Economic Relations

International Cooperation

Research Methodology and Skills

Economic Policies and Economic Development in   Korea

Economic Development Strategy

Global Development and Development Cooperation

International Development Policy

Understanding International Relations in East   Asia

Understanding International Politics and Economy

Dissertation Research

3. Electives

Multilateral Trade Negotiations: History and   Major Rounds

Political Economy of Trade Policy

International Negotiation Simulation Game

Seminar in International Commerce 2

Case Studies on Transnational Issues and   International Cooperation

Understanding International Political Economy

Political Economy of Regional Cooperation

Seminar in International Cooperation 2

Studies in Regional Monetary and Financial   Integration

Understanding International Relations in East Asia

International Trade Issues in Comparative   Perspective

Economic Policies and Economic Development in   Korea


- Samsung Electronics, Hyundai Motor Car, POSCO (steel), Hyundai Heavy Industry (ship),

   Yeosu Chemical Complexes.

- Gyeongju historical Monument Place, Insadong, Folk village, Gyeongbok Palace,

  Cheongyecheon, National Museum of Korea