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[Governance]National Development Policy for Bolivia

KOICA conducts a training program "National Development Policy for Bolivia" for 12 participants from Bolivia as part of the Korean government's grant aid and technical cooperation program for 2012 as follows:


o Course Title : National Development Policy for Bolivia

o Duration : August 12 (Sun.) ~ August 23 (Thu.), 2012 (12 days)

o Venue : Seoul & Seongnam, Korea

o Number of Participants : 12 participants from Bolivia

o Training Institution : Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA)

o Training Participants

  - Members of the Governor


o Course Objectives

 - To improve understanding of the Korean National Development Policy

 - To share the experiences between the Korean- & Bolivian policies

 - To apply the knowledge and experiences of Korea in Investment and Exchange   


- To increase the understanding of the positive impression on our society and culture of

   Korea for Bolivia


o The program consists of 2 parts ;

 A. Interviews

- Seoul Metropolitan Rapid Transit Corp

- Korea Rural Community Corporation


- Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade

- CEO of Korea Gas Corporation & Korea National Oil Corporation

- Ministry of Culture and Tourism or Korea National Tourist

- Organization

- CEO of SK Energy

- CEO of Korea Mineral Resources Corporation


B. Study Visit

- Incheon Airport

- Korea Water Resources Corporation

- Cheong-la free-trade zone