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Three Solomon Islanders came to Korea with the aspiration of becoming a great professor of Fisheries

Three Solomon Islanders came to Korea with the aspiration of becoming a great professor of Fisheries


Three successful candidates from Solomon Islands National University (SINU) have arrived in Busan on August 26 to study for a Master's degree in Fishery Science under the development assistance project of Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA).


Although the fishing industry of Solomon Islands has a huge potential for economic growth, most people eke out a living depending on small-scale fishing practices. As a way to overcome the difficulty, KOICA has been implementing a project for "Establishment and Capacity Building of Fishery Studies in Solomon Islands,” by partnering with PuKyong National University (PKNU).


The project includes various components such as development of a Master Plan for the establishment and management of the Fisheries Department of SINU, construction of department buildings, provision of equipment, and capacity building programs. In particular, a long-term scholarship program is expected to contribute to professional education and training in the field of Fisheries in Solomon Islands.


Mr. Collin Gereniu, one of the candidates who will be majoring in seafood process, mentioned that a study for development of seafood resources will facilitate more rapid economic growth and a balanced nutrient supply to Solomon Islanders. Another candidate, Mr. Jime Damusaru majoring in Aquaculture, is looking forward to expanding not only about his study but also learning about Korean history, culture, language and so on.


In addition, Ms. Kezyiah Saepioh, who will be a female candidate majoring in fishery economics and management revealed her strong ambitions.

“I have been interested in fishery resources management and policy since I studied a marine science major in University. And now, I became more interested about the fishery resources management and policy in during my work as a fishery research analyst in World Fish. By attaining acknowledges and ideas on fishery policy and resources management through my study, I would like to be the leading woman among the man’s dominion in fishery area”.



After completing their studies in Korea, three candidates will come back and teach at SINU. KOICA firmly believes that these candidates would make actual contributions to the development of SINU and their country. KOICA also anticipates that SINU, with high-quality education and training programs provided by KOICA, would jump up to be a leading educational institution of Fisheries in South-Pacific region.