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Title KOICA to open Bishkek Office
Date 17/03/2015

Press Release



    Kwon Hee Eun

    Tel. 031-740-0329





    Hong Pyo Ahn

    Tel. 031-740-0374



KOICA to open Bishkek Office.

Bishkek, 17 March, 2015 - KOICA(Korea International Cooperation Agency) will open an office in Bishkek on March 2015.


The opening of KOICA office is expected to help deepen bilateral relations between the two countries and contribute to socio-economic development of the Kyrgyz Republic through more customized development cooperation that meets each and every need in diverse fields of education, public health, governance, energy and infrastructure, and rural development.

For rural development issues, KOICA recognizes the value of Saemaul Undong that served as the engine of Korea’s miracle-like development. KOICA will add innovation and creativity to this development model so that it can be used to make positive differences in developing economies.


About KOICA (Korea International Cooperation Agency)


In 1991, KOICA was founded with a mission to fight against global poverty. Since the establishment, KOICA has strived toward meeting that goal as Korea’s dedicated grant aid agency, devoting to “Happiness for All” over the past 20 years. 

To play its due role as a responsible member of the international community, the Korean government has set the national vision of brining happiness to Korea and beyond based on the principles of sharing, giving and creating. To this end, the Korean government has reiterated its commitment to expanding its contributions to the world through the mechanism of official development assistance (ODA). Looking forward, KOICA will ramp up its efforts to upgrade its ODA programs based on Korea’s development experience and technological capacity to tackle global challenges and promote the better image of Korea.

Also, to maximize the effectiveness of development cooperation, KOICA has 48 overseas offices over 46 countries, and these overseas offices play a critical role in implementing KOICA’s aid programs at the field level. 


About KOICA projects in the Kyrgyz Republic


KOICA has supported the Kyrgyz Republic over 8.3 Million US Dollars, equal to 498 Million Som, since 1991. 

KOICA embarked on strengthening the core governance framework of the country by supporting “The Project for the Election Management Capacity Building of the Kyrgyz Republic” upon the request of His Excellency President Atambaev to Korean government to support the project in December 2013. As the project aims to put an intervention into the center of governance of the country, KOICA teamed up with Korean National Election Commission who has managed elections of the Republic of Korea over 50 years, and AWEB (Association of World Election Bodies). 

Considering the importance of projects as a participatory ODA platform, KOICA makes efforts to align with election support of other donors such as UNDP, EU, OSCE, JICA, SDC, and etc, to successfully implement this project by playing an important role of donor harmonization in Bishkek. KOICA is already in partnership with SDC (Swiss Agency for Development Cooperation) to realize democracy of the country. 

The year 2015 is going to be a new page of development cooperation between the Republic of Korea and the Kyrgyz Republic in that KOICA starts to support one more project: “Establishment of Land Information System”. Historically, all countries have put importance on managing population and territory. Through this project cooperating with State Registration Service, the two countries seek to promote sustainable and unified land information management system, and capacity building of staffs at the implementing agency. 

Also, KOICA is planning to dispatch an expert delegation to build a few small hydropower plants along the River Naryn, responding to the needs of the Ministry of Energy and Industry. Even though the project is in the preliminary research stage, once decided and implemented, it will help the country strengthen its electricity generation capacity.