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[Governance] SAARC Special Training Program - Development of Transportation Policy and Infrastructure


o Title : SAARC Special Training Program - Development of Transportation Policy and Infrastructure

o Duration : September 29 ? October 19, 2016 (21 days)

o Venue : Seongnam & Incheon, Republic of Korea

o Implementing Agency : Korea Institute of Construction Technology Education

o Number of Participants : 11


o Program Module


Main Lectures & Discussions

Study Visit

Module 1.

Transport Infrastructure Policy in Korea

Transportation development and economic growth in Korea PPP project of transportation in Korea

-Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport

Module 2.

Smart Transport Info and Database Management

Transportation database collection and roles

Transportation database analysis and application

Mobile application on transportation information

-Kakao Pangyo Office

Module 3.

Urban Transportation Policy

Eco-friendly public transportation policy

Travel demand prediction and management

Parking planning and facility management in cities

Transport safety measures

-Seoul Metro 9

-Road Traffic Safety Authority

Module 4.

Trade and Transportation Policy in SAARC

Development of transportation and SAFTA

Highway policy and operation

High-speed railway expansion and operation


Airport operation and global trend



-Incheon International Airport

Module 5.

Climate Change and Transportation Policy

Climate change and transportation policy

Green shipping

-The Korea Transport Institute

Module 6.

Transportation Infrastructure and Social Costs

Analysis on transportation infrastructure and social impact

Module 7.

Country Report


Action Plan

Country Report

Action Plan 1: Materializing issues

Action Plan 2: Analyzing SWOT

Action Plan 3: Establishing a feasible action plan

Action Plan 4: Presentation & Discussion

Cultural Experience and Field Trips

▷ Cultural Experience (Seoul & Incheon City Tour)