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[Health] Maternal and Child Health Promotion(Iraq KRG)

o Title : Maternal & Child Health Promotion (Iraq KRG)

o Duration : April 16 - April 27, 2017 (12 days)

o Venue : Seongnam & Seoul, the Republic of Korea

o Implementing Agency : Korea Human Resource Development Institute for Health and Welfare (KOHI)

o Number of Participants : 16


o Program Module


Main Lectures & Discussions

Study Visit

Module 1

Framework for MCH Service Development Based on Korean Experience

▷ Review of current healthcare system of Korea

▷ MCH policy &management system of Korea

▷ Review of MCH pyramid of service

▷ National family planning policy & experience of Korea

▷ International framework for national MCH development

▷ Core competency of MCH workers and plan for


- Institute of Health Policy and Management (WHO CC for Health System Research)

- Korea Population and Health Welfare Association

- Jung Gu Public Health Center

Module 2

Update and Review of Up-to-Date skills and Knowledge Related to MCH Services

▷ Prenatal &postnatal care of pregnant mother

▷ Care &prevention of death of newborn baby

▷ Family planning &maternal death prevention

▷ Prevent sudden infantile death &emergency care

▷ Nutrition &health promotion for well-baby &mother

- Severance Hospital

- Children’s Hospital

- Specialized Maternity-care Hospital(Miz-medi)

Module 3

Strategic Review Plan for MCH Services and Core Competency Development of MCH Workers

▷ Country report

▷ Assessment of competences of MCH workers

▷ Setting developmental goals of competences

▷ Action plan for developing MCH services in each area

▷ Presentation

- Institute of Health Policy and Management (WHO CC for Health System Research)

Cultural Experience and Field Trips

▷ National Gugak Center, Insadong

▷ The National Folk Museum of Korea, Unhyeongung

▷ Jeonjoo Traditional Korean Village