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[Rural Development]Plant Variety Protection and DUS Testing

o Title : Plant Variety Protection and DUS Testing

o Duration : May 15 - June 10, 2017 (27 days)

o Venue : Seongnam & Gimcheon, the Republic of Korea

o Training Institute : Korea Seed & Variety Service

o Number of Participants : 10


o Program Module


Main Lectures & Discussions

Study Visit

Module 1.

 Seed Industry

 in Korea

▷ Strategy for seed industry takeoff in Korea

▷ Achievements and direction

of food crop researches

▷ Seed market and research for vegetable breeding

- Nongwoo R&D Center

- Joeun Seeds

- Gimje Seed Valley

- Research Institute of Climate Change and Agriculture

Module 2.

Plant Variety Protection System

▷ Plant Variety Protection Law

▷ Application and DUS examination in Korea

▷ Examination for national listing


Module 3.

DUS Examination

▷ DUS examination for plant breeders’ rights

- Potato, rose, wheat, rape, tangerine,

orchid, and corn

▷ Breeding of orchid and rose

▷ Disease test of seeds and seedlings

▷ Seed germination testing for DUS

- DUS Stations

- Seed Testing Center

- Breeding institutes

(Rose, Orchid)

Module 4.

UPOV and Its Convention

▷ PVP under the UPOV convention

▷ DUS examination: distinctness, uniformity, stability

▷ TGP documents related to DUS testing

▷ Relationship with other international treaties

▷ Test guidelines for DUS

- UPOV Distance Learning Course (DL-205)

Module 5.

Country Report

▷ Country Report Presentation

▷ Action Plan Workshop and Presentation


Cultural Experience

▷ Home visiting, Korean Food Experience, Bowling

▷ Jeju Tour, Samsung Innovation Museum