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[Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries] Improving the accessibility to market of agriculture (Solomon Islands)

o Title : Improving the accessibility to market of agriculture (Solomon Islands)

o Duration : May 21 - June 3, 2017 (14 days)

o Venue : Seongnam & Seoul, the Republic of Korea

o Training Institute : Konkuk University

o Number of Participants : 16


o Program Module


Main Lectures & Discussions

Study Visit

Module 1.

Leadership and Mindset Training

▷Cooperatives and rural development

▷Poultry farming business and agricultural practice

▷Rural community in Korea and pioneering spirit

▷Local development case

▷Facilitation and Farmers Organization

▷Field trip: Canaan Farmers School

- Canaan Global Leadership Center

Module 2.

Program on Agriculture

▷Agricultural production

▷Current status of APC (Agricultural products Processing Center)

▷Korea’s agricultural product processing policy

▷Rural community development case

- APC, NongSan, Paju, Incheon Farming Union

Module 3.

Program on Livestock

▷Current status of livestock industry and ruminant animals nutritional physiology

▷6th industrialization of dairy farming in Korea

▷Livestock improvement strategy through cooperatives

▷Korea’s dairy industry

- Livestock Cooperative, Hwa-Sung Farm

Module 4.

Country Report and Action Plan

▷Action Plan1: Country report & methodology

▷Action Plan2: Brainstorm discussion and workshop

▷Action Plan3: Reliable action plan making

▷Action Plan4: Presentation


Cultural Experience and Field Trips

▷Jeonju Hyundai Motors Factory

▷Jamsil Lotte Tower

▷Namsan Tower

▷Han-sung Baekjae Museum