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[Industry & Energy] Practical Training for PQMS (Petroleum Quality Management System)

o Title : Practical Training for PQMS (Petroleum Quality Management System)

o Duration : May 18 (Thurs.) - June 15 (Thurs.), 2017 (29days)

o Venue : Seongnam, the Republic of Korea

o Implementing Agency : Korea Petroleum Quality & Distribution Authority

o Number of Participants : 15 participants from 7 countries

Colombia (3), Costa Rica (3), Iraq (2), Mongolia (2), Peru (2), Timor-Leste (3), Vietnam (2)

o Program Module


Main Lectures & Discussions

Study Visit

Module 1.

Fundamentals of petroleum and alternative fuels

▷Understanding of oil & gas upstream and

current issues

▷Petroleum industry status and outlook

▷Petrochemical industry status and outlook

▷Refining, processing and quality control of

petroleum production

▷Alternative fuels supply status and technologies

▷Understanding of lubricants and current issues


Module 2.

Practical training for petroleum quality management


▷Petroleum quality/distribution management system

▷Taxation and refund system of petroleum product

▷Petroleum quality inspection system

▷Reporting system of petroleum supply & demand

and data applications

▷Petroleum quality test & analysis system

▷Special inspection equipment and Mobile laboratory

▷Research issues of K-Petro R&D Center

▷Assessment of transportation fuel and

regulation issues


[On-site exercises]

▷Petroleum inspection 1 (quality/quantity)

▷Petroleum inspection 2 (LPG)

▷Petroleum test & analysis

▷Unexposed inspection vehicle and mobile lab

▷facilities in K-Petro R&D center

▷Assessment and analysis of transportation fuel

  • K-Petro H.Q.


  • Labs in branches


  • R&D center


  • Gas stations


  • LPG stations

Module 3.

Understanding of petroleum infrastructure


▷Crude oil supply and petroleum storage system

in Korea

▷Pipeline system in Korea

▷LNG safety technologies and distribution system

▷LNG supply status in Korea


[On-site exercises]

▷Petroleum pipeline and storage system

▷LNG import depot and transportation system

  • Korea National Oil Company


  • Daehan Oil Pipeline Corporation


  • Korea Gas Safety Corporation


  • Korea Gas Corporation

Module 4.

Special lectures on  energy, climate changes and automobiles

▷Global energy supply and outlook

▷Future automobile technologies and penetration

▷Supply and technology of LPG transportation fuel

▷Global energy trends with shale gas and

 oil production

▷International regime after COP21, Paris Agreement

▷Development and supplies of renewable energies

  • SK Energy Ulsan Complex


  • Korea National Oil Company Stockpile Ulsan Office

Module 5.


▷Workshop for action-planning

- Group participants with Korean experts

- Current status analysis of participants’ countries

- Action-plan for the future PQMS for each


Cultural Experience and Field Trips

▷Seoul City Tour (www.visitseoul.net)

▷Korean Folk Village (www.koreafolk.co.kr)

▷Gyeongju Bulguksa Temple (www.bulguksa.or.kr)

▷Samsung Innovation Museum (www.samsunginnovationmuseum.com)

▷Hyundai Motor Company Ulsan plant (www.hyundai.com)