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[Public Administaration] Capacity Building of Immigration Service Management (Laos)

o Title : Capacity Building of Immigration Service Management (Laos)

o Duration : September 14 - September 27, 2017 (14 days)

o Venue : Seongnam & Yongin, Republic of Korea

o Implementing Agency : Institute of Justice

o Number of Participants : 15


o Program Module


Main Lectures & Discussions

Study Visit

Module 1.

Overview of Korea Immigration Organization

▷ KICC networking system and background

▷ Introduction on overall Korea Immigration Management

▷ Current status and reform plan of Korea Immigration

▷ Map out Action Plan

  • Institute of Justice

Module 2

Understanding Korea Immigration System and Policy

▷ Introduction on Korea Immigration Service

- Immigration law and regulation

- Personnel group management system

- Status of foreign residents

▷Introduction on Immigration IT center

- Introduce on how to operate Immigration IT center

- Plan and research immigration information system

- Analysis on immigration related statistics and its utilization

 ▷ Introduction of the Korea Immigration Policy

- Social integration and multicultural policy

▷Korea Visa System

- Visa issuance system

- Introduction on integrated on-line visa application system with overseas consulate

▷ Refugee recognition procedures of Korea

▷ Korea Nationality System

- Introduction on Korean Nationality Act

- Case study on acquisition and loss of nationality

- Naturalization process

▷ Visa & Residence system of Korea

  ▷ Korea’s Immigration Management on foreign residents in practice

- Introduction on basic immigration system for controlling foreign residents such as ICRM

- Introduction on multicultural center and programs

▷Social Integration policy for foreigners

▷International migration and international cooperation

- Discuss international cooperation system against international crime such as human trafficking

▷Introduction of Incheon Airport facilities and operating system

- Immigration Secondary Inspection, passport verification skill

- Introduction on Intelligent Analysis section and case study

- Understanding APIS system and i-APP system

- Introduction on control center (controlling passengers)

▷Study examples of crackdown on immigration offenders

  - Introduction on recent trend of crime by foreigners in Korea

▷ Introduction of Korea Detention System and Process

  • Institute of Justice,
  • Incheon International Airport Immigration Office,
  • Seoul Immigration Office,
  •  Hwaseong Immigration Detention Center

Module 3

Discuss & Research on Respective Immigration System of Countries

▷ Discuss pending issue of both countries

▷ Country report on Immigration Service Management and its reform plan

▷ Future plan and countermeasure

▷ Tools for beginners

  • Institute of Justice

Module 4

Setting an Applicable Plan

▷ Research on applicable system to fieldwork

▷ Consider possible risks after system application

▷ Adjust plan to meet country’s situation

  • Institute of Justice

Cultural Experience and Field Trips

▷ Extracurricular Activities Seoul (www.visitseoul.net)

▷ Korean Folk Village (www.koreanfolk.co.kr)

▷ Extracurricular Activities Jeonju (www.jeonju.co.kr)