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KOICA’s Presence in Africa

Africa is a vast continent comprised of 54 independent countries with ample development potential. While it has abundant natural resources and fast population and economic growth, many African countries are striving to combat poverty and diseases and prevent civil war and corruptions.

In this context, KOICA supports the socio-economic development of Africa, especially sub-Saharan Africa and the least developed countries, to accelerate their democratization and freedom. Based on CPS of the priority partner countries, we are committed to continuing our mid- and long-term development strategies focused on public administration systems, investment environments, industrial infrastructure, rural development, education, health, etc.


Current Situation of Development Cooperation Project

In alignment with international efforts to solve global issues, the Korean government has actively participated in supporting underprivileged people. After announcing the ‘Korea’s Initiative for Africa’s Development’ in 2006, we have expanded cooperation projects by increasing the amount of development assistance, extending support for basic and vocational education and sharing Korea’s cutting-edge ICT with African nations.

For last few years, KOICA doubled the amount of development assistance to Africa, also planning to expand bilateral grants from 24% to 35% by the year 2020. In 2016, KOICA provided 166 million dollars to partner countries of Africa, accounting for 17.3% of KOICA’s total project expenses. Based on the partner country’s level of economic development, cultural diversity and needs, we provide sectoral strategies differentiated for each country.

In sub-Saharan African countries, KOICA is conducting diverse projects with focus on education, healthcare, and agricultural and fishing development. For countries in northern Africa, we are trying to develop effective governance and increase resilience to climate changes, while ensuring immediate response to emergency situation.

Throughout the region, KOICA opened 16 overseas offices in Africa so far and plans to open more offices with expert practitioners.


Future Support Strategy

As a responsible member of the global community, KOICA will continue support for a balanced growth of Africa through systematic strategies tailored to each country’s challenges and needs. We are committed to address the political instability, food shortage and pervasive diseases that hold the region back. With Africa’s self-help and possibility, we will work together to realize a more peaceful and prosperous region.


Country Partnership Strategy

In Africa, CPS is available for the following 7 countries: Ethiopia, Ghana, Mozambique, Uganda, Rwanda, Senegal, Tanzania.



(7 countries)

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