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KOICA’s Presence in Asia and the Pacific

The Asia and Pacific region is home to more than 4.4 billion people, equivalent to 60% of the total world population. Some countries have overcome extreme poverty and emerged as the engine of global economic growth over the last few decades. Yet, the Asia region still comprises the half of the world’s poorest and faces challenges such as the polarization of wealth between, and within, states.

Sharing geographical proximity and cultural affinity, the Asia region has been a significant priority for KOICA’s assistance programs. We are lending a hand by implementing targeted projects in consideration of partner’s income level and specific demands in Southeast Asia, Southwest Asia, Northeast Asia and the Pacific region.


Current Situation of Development Cooperation Project

In order to address the regional polarization in Southeast Asia, KOICA has supported infrastructure of educational facilities from basic education to technical and vocational education, of government administrative capacity building, of national land management capacity building and of health system and healthcare services.

South Asia is challenged by not only chronic poverty and development disparity but also prevalence of national disaster, heavy dependence on agriculture and primary goods import, and vulnerabilities to global food and oil prices. To cope with these problems, KOICA helps in areas of education through construction of schools and institutions and of health system through construction of hospitals. Other areas of cooperation include public administration and energy industry.

In regard to the Pacific Island countries, KOICA is focusing its operation on Fiji and Solomon Islands. To mitigate the negative effects of climate change and the risks of natural disaster, we have implemented projects such as the ‘Project for Carbon Zero Islands of Melanesian Four Countries’ and the ‘Project for Climate Change and Health Adaptation’.

In 2017, KOICA’s budget for the Asia and Pacific region is approximately 117.6 million dollars, accounting for 40% of region-based projects. A total of 14 KOICA overseas offices are under operation to enhance the operational efficiency and develop into more reliable partners.


Future Support Strategy

KOICA continues to work in every major area of development to support Asia. Engaging in education, governance, climate change, food security, and many other sectors will create sustainable growth over the regions. Along with the international development goals and agreements set together by the international communities, KOICA will commit itself to providing effective grant aid programs.


Country Partnership Strategy

In Africa, CPS is available for the following 7 countries: Ethiopia, Ghana, Mozambique, Uganda, Rwanda, Senegal, Tanzania.



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