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KOICA’s Presence in Latin America and the Caribbean 

While 80% of Latin American and the Caribbean countries are classified as middle-income countries, they are suffering from widening income inequality across nations, regions and races. According to the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean(ECLAC), more than a quarter of their populations live below two dollars a day.

In Latin America, KOICA works on agricultural and environmental development as well as social infrastructure to propel growth of vulnerable regions. Given that fragile public security poses a major threat to national development, KOICA has been implementing a number of projects designed to enhance the capacity of the police force and public security systems.


Current Situation of Development Cooperation Project

KOICA has steadily increased its support to Latin America and the Caribbean in order to alleviate poverty and social inequality in the continent. The total aid earmarked for the region amounts to 38 billion dollars in 2017.

With the Korean government’s designation of Bolivia, Paraguay, Colombia and Peru as priority partner countries, KOICA is concentrating its development efforts around a few priority sectors, including health, community development, transportation and telecommunication.

Besides, KOICA focuses on health, security and rural development issues to support Guatemala, Ecuador, El Salvador, Honduras, Dominican Republic and Nicaragua, the countries with relatively high public security concerns.

Presently, 8 overseas offices are operational in the continent. KOICA is committed to gradually expanding its presence in Latin American and the Caribbean countries by increasing the number of staff while expanding the scope and amount of development projects.


Future Support Strategy

KOICA is dedicated to executing projects that strengthen the Latin America and the Caribbean region. It will continue to foster its social and economic prosperity, combat crime and violence, and defend universal rights by supporting civil society. Considered as important growing markets and partners, the Latin America and the Caribbean countries will be able to build shared prosperity across the international community.


Country Partnership Strategy

In Latin America, CPS is available for the following 4 countries: Bolivia, Paraguay, Colombia, Peru.


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Latin America
(4 countries)

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