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Ethics Charter

Ethics Charter

The Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) seeks partnerships and cooperation with developing countries, and strives to assist their efforts towards achieving economic and social development in order to eliminate hunger and poverty and enhance the quality of life. KOICA executives and staff members endeavor to earn the trust and respect of its domestic and international partners by working faithfully based on their humanitarian values 

KOICA affirms its will
Recognize the importance of KOICA's role in the world as an agency charged with South Korea's grant aid programs and contribute to creating a world where everyone can lead a happy life together

Strive to become a trusted and capable foreign assistance agency by complying with domestic and international laws and respecting the cultures and traditions of partner countries

Seek sound and responsible management and sincerely and faithfully fulfill its obligations and responsibilities

Ensure equal opportunities for various entities such as private firms to participate in its projects, and endeavor to build mutual trust and partnerships with them by working together based on transparency and fairness

Respect and help its employees to develop their abilities and potentials, thereby creating a future-oriented organizational culture that appreciates passion and creativity