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Eleven Korean volunteers in Tunisia

“Making a Better World Together”

The Korea International Cooperation Agency(KOICA) in Tunisia opened its office in Tunisia 2 years ago, but cooperation programs between Tunisia and KOICA has been existing since 1991.

In this context, KOICA organized a ceremony last Friday to honor its new Korean volunteers who had arrived in Tunisia on June 1st,2009. They are  specialized in different areas such as computer science, agriculture, Korean cuisine, Korean language, electronics and Taekwondo. These volunteers are to be assigned to several Tunisian institutions for a 2-year activities.

 The Korea International Cooperation Agency is committed to build a better world, by helping to achieve the Millennium Development goals(MDGs) and by promoting equitable and sustainable development in partner countries. KOICA also strives to participate in global efforts to strengthen the capacity of both government and individual to fight poverty and improve the quality of life in partner countries.

 In the light of Korea's experience of economic development, KOICA believes that a successful development policy of a country depends, in a large part, on its motivation, self-confidence and on a realistic assessment of needs to be met. However, to carry out such a policy, a developing country may be inspired by other’s successful experiences and benefit from their assistance. That’s why KOICA fully supports MDGs which are importantly considered to found bases for sustainable socio-economic development in partner countries. In this regard, the KOICA allocates more financial resources to the MDGs and actively participates in various international initiatives to find new sources of financing for development and to increase assistance to least developed countries. As for the Korea's official development assistance(ODA), it is composed of three types of aid: bilateral grants and technical cooperation, bilateral loans and multilateral assistance. Multilateral aid programs are carried out through international financial institutions or contribution to international organizations. KOICA's priority areas comprise human resources, governance, education, health, rural development, humanitarian aid, aid for the reconstruction of post-war Iraq, aid for reconstruction after the Afghanistan war  


Eleven Korean volunteers in Tunisia

KOICA's activities include sending Korean volunteers in Tunisia. Eleven volunteers arrived in Tunisia on June 1st and participated in a training program to learn Arabic and French languages. They have also been given the opportunity to get familiar with the Tunisian population, lifestyle and culture. These volunteers will be staying in Tunisia for 2 years starting from 27 July 2009 to 27 July 2011. They are assigned in several institutions of the Republic of Tunisia, namely the Institute of Agriculture of Kef, the Higher Institute of Languages in Gabes, the Higher Institute of Computer Science and Multimedia in Gabes, the Vocational Institute of Tourism in Sousse, Youth House Dar Chaâbane El Fehri, new Medina, etc. They find Tunisia a beautiful, peaceful and multi-cultural country.

According to Mrs. OH Jin-hee, adviser to the Korean embassy in Tunis, these volunteers will contribute to the development of Tunisia and promote mutual understanding between the two countries. Furthermore, ”Living in Tunisia will have a positive impact on volunteers' lives".

For Mr. Mokhtar Mahouchi, Director of the Institute of Agriculture of Kef underlined the added value of such cooperation and the benefit that sharing experience can produce. He also added that such cooperation is a valuable opportunity to promote open-mindedness, tolerance and dialogue between civilizations.

KOICA supports to the Tunisian government policy and is committed to carry on its activities as a part of the Korean contribution to enhance the friendship and partnership that ties both countries.