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Feasibility study workshop for water supply system in Indonesia is held by KOICA

KOICA and the Ministry of Public Works of the Republic of Indonesia have successfully held a workshop for "Master Planning & Feasibility Study of Karian Dam - Serpong Water Conveyance and Supply System" at Marriott Hotel in Jakarta on January 27, 2011, with one hundred stakeholders from the Korean embassy, KOICA and EDCF, and the Indonesian government present.

Main goals of this study were to establish the master plan for water conveyance and treatment plants, and plan a PPP(Public Private Partnership) scheme in order to stably supply the water from Karian Dam to Jabotabek (Jakarta, Bogor, Tangrang, and Bekasi) area, where water shortage has been severe. This study commenced in July 2010 and will be completed in June 2011 through KOICA's technical assistance.

KOICA has continuously wrestled with the water shortage of Jabotabek area in cooperation with the government of Indonesia since 2006, under the title of "Feasibility Study and Detailed Design for the Karian Dam Project". Successful implementation of the water conveyance and supply system will enhance the lives of approximately 4 million people in Jabotabek area.

At present, consultation is in progress between both governments to prepare the implementation of Karian Dam Construction which will be financed by both EDCF of Korea and the government of Indonesia. With the completion of this study in June 2011, efficient financing and development scheme will be proposed for the construction of Water Conveyance and Water Treatment Plant.

Recently, water shortage has become one of the urgent global issues due to climate change. With the successful implementation of this model, it is expected that business opportunities in Indonesia for Korean enterprises will increase, especially in water-related sectors.