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Creative Technology Solution (CTS) Program


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Creative Technology Solution (CTS) is an innovation facilitating SEED program for Korean start-ups and entrepreneurs that transforms innovative ideas into viable and creative solutions to socio-economic problems in developing countries by identifying creative ideas and supporting market-testing and commercialization.
CTS supports the achievement of stable and sustained socio-economic growth, creation of decent jobs and the promotion of the STI in the context of the Sustainable Development Goals[SDGs].
1. Tackle and reduce inequalities between countries, and between social classes
2. Strengthen the effectiveness of development through Science, Technology and Innovation(STI)
3. Enhance the capacity to adapt to the changing global landscape and be ready for the future
What We Provide
KOICA CTS Program provide Seed Money to entrepreneurs along with partnership and global network with Koica, incubating co-working space (D.Camp), and business mentorship from VC(Venture Capital) specialists.
1. Partnership with KOICA
Give entrepreneurs opportunity to link their businesses up with KOICA’s development projects.(e.g. Training program, Local Bilateral Multilateral projects, Public-Private Partnership(PPP) projects, etc.)
2. Global Network
Give entrepreneurs opportunities to present their ideas and business items to secure additional financing from global partners or identify opportunities to link up with large scale projects.
3. Local Network
Support partnerships with local government agencies and proven local businesses to carry out business activities and create impacts.
4. Mentorship
Establish and manage a pool of expert mentors who can help entrepreneurs set the direction for their business models for development impact -Expertise of mentors range from development cooperation to business management and sectors (e.g. health and education).


For more detailed information and applying for CTS program, please visit koica-cts.com