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Development Innovative Program
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Innovative Partnership Solution (IPS) Program



Compared to other donor agencies, private foundations and international non-government organizations (INGOs), KOICA has relatively a short history in international development cooperation. In this aspect, IPS Program was newly structured in 2017 as test-bed of KOICA for exploring, learning and internalizing the issues and approaches that KOICA has not yet experienced. Development Innovation Office (DIO) of KOICA believes such learning experience would be a new growth engine for KOICA better aligning with and contributing to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
IPS Program seeks for partnering with diverse players having globally influenced and led particular sector(s) by making exclusive impact related to UN SDGs. DIO has been working with the following partners since 2015.



Strategic Focus Linking with 17 global goals and detailed targets, KOICA developed its Mid-term Sectoral Strategy 2016-2020 to maximize its contributions to the SDGs. KOICA expects a number of projects and/or programs proposed to IPS Program are deeply linked to both KOICA’s priority areas and SDGs. Proposed project and/or program must be aligned to at least one of its 10 priority areas and the relevant goals and targets of SDGs.

New Growth Engine KOICA is currently looking for broader opportunities as its new growth engine to deliver value by taking a fresh look at and extending to new areas. The art of learning-by-doing is the key concept of IPS Program. By learning from other, KOICA would save development costs, avoid unsuccessful strategies and achieve desired outcomes more effectively.

Spreading Innovation KOICA would like to provide opportunities for young generation to learn and spread innovation through IPS Fellowship. KOICA suggests IPS partners involve young professionals from Korea as well as other countries in each IPS Program. IPS partners could help IPS fellows learn partners’ expertise and raise their potential in the course of refining solution with more creative and flexible viewpoints.

Partners eligible for IPS Program must be categorized under the codes - 11000, 13000, 21000, 22000, 31000, 32000, 50000, 61000, 62000, 63000 and 90000 - of the OECD DAC List of ODA Eligible International Organisations. Please note that entities having the codes but based in Korea are not eligible for IPS Program since they are eligible for other programs run by KOICA.
As of February 2018, KOICA provides grant amounting to USD 200,000 per year for an IPS Program project or initiative. Duration of a project or initiative can be set as 2 to 5 years. In addition to grant from KOICA, partners can contribute voluntary funding to their IPS Program project or initiative.
Target Countries
IPS Program project or initiative can focus on the countries included in the OECD DAC recipients list. A project or initiative can cover multiple countries. Of 143 OECD DAC recipient countries, 24 are priority partnership countries of KOICA and there are its overseas offices in 44 developing countries.


Project-type KOICA and a partner design and implement a single project under IPS Program.

Initiative-type Partner invites KOICA to join an initiative which carries out its own goals and mission along with diverse members.


Those who are interested in applying for IPS Program must submit required documents to ips@koica.go.kr. Documents to submit vary according to the type of proposed project or initiative.

Project-type Candidate partners must submit a) a proposal, b) a budget and, if necessary, c) other supplementary materials. Proposal and budget templates of IPS Program are available for download as follows. If candidate partners have its own document form of proposal and budget, they are also acceptable but they need to include the elements found in the KOICA IPS Program Templates.

KOICA IPS Program Proposal Template
KOICA IPS Program Budget Template

Initiative-type Candidate partners must submit a) a letter requesting to join an initiative, b) an agreement draft and, if necessary, c) other supplementary materials.

When Development Innovation Office (DIO) receives a submitted proposal, a message to confirm the submission will be sent.

Application for IPS Program for 2019 will not open. Application for IPS Program for 2020 will open in 2019.

Further information

Please find detailed information in IPS Program Guideline by following the link below.

KOICA IPS Program Guideline

Please also feel free to contact for additional inquiries via e-mail (ips@koica.go.kr).