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World Friends Korea
Fellowship Program, CIAT
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Civil Society Partnership
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Multilateral Cooperation
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KOICA will continuously strive to grow into Korea’s leading aid organization that better responds to the rapid changes in the global development landscape. Projects and DEEP - Comprehensive Projects and Development Experience Exchange Partnership Programs (DEEP) based on country partnership strategies. World Friends Korea - Dispatches volunteers as part of Korea’s integrated overseas volunteers program. Fellowship Program, CIAT - Provides targeted training programs for human resource development. Humnanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief - Emergency relief and reconstruction. Civil Society Partnership - Supports developing countries in partnership with CSOs, universities, etc. Development Innovative Program - New partnership program with the private sector that combines partner’s creative knowledge, development know-how and network. Multilateral Cooperation - Multilateral cooperation projects that addresses the limitations of bilateral assistance Global Disease Eradication Fund - Innovative financing for the eradication of global diseases to accomplish health security.