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Projects and DEEP


1. Development Project

KOICA’s development projects have both hardware and software features. As for hardware side, the projects involve building physical infrastructures and equipment provision. At the same time, KOICA deploys experts and invites public officials from partner countries for training to strengthen software capacity of partner countries. Throughout the cycle of project development, planning, execution and evaluation, KOICA takes a comprehensive approach to allow for the systematic implementation of projects.

2. Capacity Building for Partner Country

KOICA invites policymakers, public officials and sector experts from partner countries to share Korea’s development experience and know-how through education and training programs.

3. Partnerships with International Institutions

KOICA is making sustained efforts to achieve aid harmonization by working side-by-side with advanced development agencies, international institutions and international NGOs.

4. Cooperation with the Private Sector

KOICA is committed to enhancing the effectiveness of its development programs by collaborating with businesses, civil society organizations and universities to link up KOICA’s expertise in development with their knowledge and know-how.



Since 1991, the Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) and Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) have implemented technical cooperation and development study projects―including public policy advice, feasibility study and master plan development-sharing Korea’s successful development experience and know-how to foster partner countries’ economic and social growth.

Additionally, with the dawn of the knowledge-based society and growing importance of knowledge, technology transfer was highlighted. Consequently, developing countries’ demands for assistance in policy advice and institution building have been continuously on the rise.

To effectively address such demands, in 2012, MOFA and KOICA integrated the existing technical cooperation and development study as Development Experience Exchange Partnership (DEEP) under the slogan of “Beyond Knowledge Sharing and Towards Capacity Building.”