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Humnanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief


KOICA is carrying out humanitarian assistance activities in forms of cash and in-kind contributions, deployment of disaster relief teams and cooperation with international institutions in cases of natural disasters such as earthquakes, typhoons, tsunami and flooding as well as man-made disasters such as civil wars and conflicts. In 2016, KOICA mobilized a total of KRW 38.8 billion to provide humanitarian assistance worldwide including Syrian refugees, settlers in the Gaza Strip of Palestine and victims of drought in Ethiopia. In terms of disaster relief, the Korean government dispatched the Korean Disaster Relief Team(KDRT) to the earthquake-stricken region in Nepal in 2015. The government held an urgent private-public consultation on overseas emergency relief and decided to dispatch KDRT within 48 hours in order to conduct effective rescue activities. As one of the quickest responses in the history of KDRT, such a move was appreciated internationally.


Record by Year 

ㅇ Assistance (USD in millions)













Public-Private Partnership




ㅇ KDRT Dispatch




Number of dispatched KDRT members

2015.4 - 2015.5




2014.12 - 2015.4

Sierra Leone

Ebola Virus


2013.11- 2013.12





Strategic Plan for 2018  

ㅇ Budget (USD in millions)

- Emergency relief: 66.2

- Building partnership for humanitarian assistance: 3.72


ㅇ Activity

- Emergency relief

ㅁ Timely respond to requests received from the governments of affected countries by providing cash/in-kind contribution or deploying relief teams

ㅁ Strengthen humanitarian support for protracted conflicts and disasters

ㅁ Develop alliances with related organizations in order to contribute to ensure sufficient resources and expertise for swift implementation


- Relief supplies

ㅁ Reserve relief supplies in the warehouse at home and abroad* in preparation for unexpected emergency situations

* Incheon(Korea), Panama, UNHRD Dubai(Abroad)


- Korean Disaster Relief Team(KDRT)

ㅁ Establish and manage KDRT Preparatory Team in order for swifter emergency measures against natural disasters

ㅁ Participate international training programs such as UN International Search and Rescue Advisory Group(INSARAG), Asia-Pacific regional earthquake response exercise, WHO Emergency Medical Teams(EMT) Global Meeting and Trilateral Table Top Exercise(TTX) among Korea, Japan and China

ㅁ Manage KDRT equipment and relief supplies

ㅁ Work as KDRT Secretariat and coordinate the institutional cooperation by joining Steering Committee and leading Working Committee

ㅁ Support the registration process for WHO EMT* Classification Program

* World Health Organization(WHO) Emergency Medical Teams(EMT) are groups of health professionals that treat patients affected by an emergency or disasters. WHO has developed a global verification system where EMTs can be classified and ready to be deployed to health emergencies. It is classified as type1-type2-type3 based on the skills and services provided by medical teams.


- Private-Public Partnership

ㅁ Support humanitarian aid programs of partner NGOs in the field of emergency relief, disaster management and refugee assistance etc.

ㅁ Provide capacity-building training for partner NGOs and establish global networks in the field of humanitarian action.


Korean Disaster Relief Team(KDRT)

ㅇ The Korean Disaster Relief Team(KDRT) is an official overseas emergency relief team of the Korea government, designed to rescue human lives and/or support medical relief activities.

ㅇ KDRT was established in 2007 after the 「Overseas Emergency Relief Act」 was enacted. KDRT Search and Rescue team was classified as ‘Heavy’ (the highest grade) team by the UN International Search and Rescue Advisory Group(INSARAG) for the first time in 2011. The grade is reclassified after the first acquirement every 5 years and KDRT Search and Rescue team was successfully ranked ‘Heavy’ team in 2016.

ㅇ KDRT has dispatched its members to 7 countries including Nepal, Haiti, Indonesia, China, etc for earthquake, Sierra Leone for Ebola virus, Myanmar for cyclone, and the Philippines for typhoon.