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The Korea International Cooperation Agency welcomes your questions regarding our activities.
Please direct your general inquiries and messages to the appropriate department listed below.
- Working hours: Mon-Fri(except holidays) 09:00~12 AM, 13:00~18:00 PM
KOICA Main Line Tel: 82-31-740-0114
International Cooperation Center Tel: 82-31-777-2600
Global Village Tel: 82-31-740-0890
World Friends Seoul Education Center Tel: 82-2-3460-5811~3
World Friends Yeongwol Education Center Tel: 82-33-834-5811~3
KOICA Busan Office Tel: 82-51-862-7880~3
Multilateral Cooperation and Humanitarian
Assistance Department
Tel: 82-31-740-0628
Country Program Planning and Coordination Department Tel: 82-31-740-0426
Civil Society Cooperation Department Tel: 82-31-740-0609
Innovation Partnership Program Department Tel: 82-31-740-0379