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제목 [인사말] SDGC/A 이사회
작성일 2018-10-22


Remarks by KOICA President

SDGC/A Board Meeting


Sep 26 (Wed), 2018





His Excellency President Paul Kagame,

Co-Chairman, Mr. Aliko Dangote,

Honorable Heads of States,

Director General and Distinguished guests,


It is my great honor and pleasure to be here this morning

at the Board Meeting for SDG Center for Africa.


I would like to extend my sincere gratitude

to Chairman, His Excellency President Paul Kagame and

Co-Chairman Mr. Aliko Dangote

for inviting me to this wonderful and meaningful occasion.



[Self/KOICA Introduction]


Before I took office of KOICA last November,

I had spent 20 years as a Korean parliamentarian.


During my legislative service, I made consistent endeavors to promote the values of Human Rights, Democracy, Gender Equality, and Peace to make our societies healthy and sustainable.

As CEO of KOICA, I have put forward three top policy values in line with this philosophy.

They are People, Prosperity, and Peace, or three Ps.


People should be the center for our development work,

Economic and Social progress should be achieved for the Prosperity of humanity.

and Peace should be in place and sustained in pursuing this prosperity.






As you know, these three Ps and together with Planet and Partnership are five core values of Sustainable Development Goals or SDGs.


As a long-time partner for more than 25 years in Africa,

KOICA has been working hard in supporting our African nations to achieve many significant development goals.


In terms of priority and extent of partnership, it takes around 30% of our ODA budget, 2nd largest support followed by Asian region.


Last April, I was invited to some of partner African countries including Rwanda, the beautiful hill country.


What impressed me during my visit was the enormous potentials for economic and social development and the dream and hope that people have for a vibrant future.


In this regard, I think that the mission of SDG Center is quite compelling and exceptional.


The Center can play a catalytic role in enabling African people to realize their hope and dream for tangible and sustainable change and progress in their lives.


On this note, the collaboration between the SDG Center and KOICA cannot be more natural and necessary than now.


Based upon mutual trust and a good friendship between Korea and many African nations, KOICA will also be able to support the SDG Center to fulfill its mandates.


It is indeed my privilege and pleasure to sign the Memorandum of Understanding at this place today to confirm our commitment to SDGs in Africa.


In closing, I’d like to quote one of the famous wisdom that many Africans cherish.

“If you want to go fast, go alone, but if you want to go farther, go together”

Let’s go together! Thank you.