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제목 [연설] g7 고위급회의
작성일 2018-10-22


Remarks from the President of KOICA

[g7+ High Level Conversation]




1. Greetings


Distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen,
It is truly an honor to be participating in this
meaningful event at this historical moment.

I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to
his excellency from Sierra-Leone and Timor-Leste,
and for our honorary guests for inviting me today.



2. Main points


Today’s agenda is about sustaining peace.

In this context,
I would like to talk about
Korea’s development history and KOICA’s ODA activities
in line with the three pillars of People, Peace, and Prosperity.

This 3P constructs an important part of our government’s
foreign policy strategy and that of KOICA.



3. Korea’s development exp : People


First, People.

Korea’s development history attracts much attention,
especially from partner countries.

It is mainly due to Korea’s unprecedented and rapid economic growth.
While GNI per capita was 67 dollars in the 1950s,
it is now near thirty thousand(30,000) dollars.

When we mention Korea’s development,
rapid economic development is widely taken as a synonym.

However, Korea’s development wasn't achieved
single handedly by economic growth.
It was possible because of human capital investment
and democratization  
that puts people at the center.

Korea successfully promoted democratic values
by strengthening our institutions,
such as by enhancing our judicial and political transparency.

Civil society participation was promoted in various fields as well
in order to improve our social system
that can live up to our people’s expectations.

Based on this experience,
KOICA is delivering projects that can be conducive to democratization
and capacity building of the people.
E-government and election management capacity building programs
would be good examples.



4. Korea’s development experience : Peace


Second, Peace.

The Universal declaration of Human Rights,
which marked its 70th anniversary this year,
declares at the preamble that equal and inalienable rights of all members
of the human family is the foundation
of freedom, justice, and peace in the world.

Based upon this value, Korea endeavored to realize
a sound and stable society to assure
equal opportunity for education,
provision of universal health care,
and protection of sustainable environment.
Meeting these basic human needs decreases discontent,
and thus builds the basis for peace by the means of prevention.

KOICA is endeavoring to share this development experience
by providing education programs for neglected social groups
such as the project in Sierra-Leone that targets to empower girls.

Supporting infectious and neglected tropical diseases(NTDs)
contribute to achieving universal health care.
Projects in Timor-Leste that support inclusive management of NTDs
and Post Ebola recovery programs in Sierra-Leone
are such examples.

Also programs on conflict resolution and criminal investigation
capacity building are provided
to help the transition from instability to peace.



5. Korea’s development experience : Prosperity


Third, prosperity.

Korea’s long term development vision
Provided a predictable policy framework
and guided the implementation of reforms
that was required to set the course of its economy.

It was ownership coupled with a sustainable long-term vision
that led the way to prosperity.



6. Ending


Ladies and gentlemen,

There is an old Korean proverb, “don’t mend the barn after the cow is stolen”.
It signifies the importance of prevention over remedy,
which I believe gives an important implication to the discussion today.

One-sided development would never be sustainable.
Sustaining peace and prosperity is only achieved
when universal values and rights are assured.

Korea achieved today’s development
by promoting and protecting these values.
And now, KOICA is fully ready to share this experience
with the international society
based on mutual trust and friendship.

Thank you.