Informational Video(LET)

[Let Evaluations Talk 13] Enhancing the School Readiness and Learning Outcomes

2022-11-30 18:36:02.0
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KOICA's 13th Let Evaluations Talk (LET) video goes over the following aspects of "Enhancing the School Readiness and Learning Outcomes of Ethnic Minority Children in Yen Bai and Quang Nam Provinces in Vietnam": ❶ Project Background, ❷ Project Performances, ❸ Success Factors, ❹ Challenges, ❺ Lessons Learned.

Click the link below to watch the 13th LET video

“Let Evaluations Talks (LET)” Series

Going over the evaluation results of a project/program, KOICA shares project performances, success factors and lessons learned for international development stakeholders.

- Previous LET videos (1-5) are only covered in Korean.